The Boeing 787, also known as the Dreamliner, is the newest, most technologically advanced and most environmentally friendly jetliner in our fleet. But why is it so dreamy? Here are seven amazing facts:

1. Lucky number 8

One of the reasons Boeing incorporated the number "8" into the naming of the 787 is because in China, a major destination for our Dreamliners, the number "8" is considered good luck.

2. Giant (awesome) puzzle

The 787 is so mind-bendingly complex that it makes assembling IKEA furniture look easy. All together, the Dreamliner has approximately 2.3 million parts. By comparison, a Boeing 737 has just 400,000 parts.

3. Window envy

One of the coolest things about the 787 is its windows. They're the largest ever fitted to a passenger plane, 65% larger than any other. That means more stunning scenery to take in. Plus, no more closing the shades. The Dreamliner's windows dim electronically with smart glass.

4. I dream of green

The 787 Dreamliner is the most eco-friendly airliner we've ever flown. Thanks to new General Electric GEnx-1B engines and the use of composite materials, the 787 is 20% more efficient than a traditional 767. That means you can sleep well on your flight knowing that the Dreamliner is better for the planet.

5. Let there be light

Say goodbye to dull fluorescents — the 787 Dreamliner's cabin lighting is beautifully high tech. Now crews can customize the lights inside the cabin at any time to resemble almost any scenario, from the bright light of a sunny day to a moonlit starry night sky.

6. Flight deck or spaceship?

Looking at the flight deck of the Dreamliner you may think you've stepped into a space shuttle by accident. With modern flat screens, the 787 was designed to get you where you're going quickly, comfortably and safely.

7. That ride is smooth

The Dreamliner uses "smooth ride" technology to sense turbulence and automatically adjust control surfaces to provide a smoother ride. What does that mean for you? More rest and relaxation.