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Connecting people. Uniting the world.

By Oscar Munoz, Former CEO and Executive Chairman, February 08, 2017

To the world we serve,

United Airlines is such an iconic brand that over many decades we've come to occupy an important place in the lives of our employees and customers. The very name United has a way of evoking strong memories and an uncanny power to set a person to humming the opening bars of "Rhapsody in Blue" without even noticing it.

Perhaps you flew with us to reach a child's graduation or wedding. Maybe you trusted us to get you to that big job interview on time, or to embark on new adventures, or to reunite with old friends. We've been there for you during the daily grind of business trips, and I hope we've made those countless miles seem more comfortable and productive.

Like you, I've enjoyed a long association with United.

For me, the name United evokes something special. It brings to mind the countless inspiring stories of so many dedicated professionals I've met. Each day, they make me proud to call myself a member of their team. I see our people going the extra mile for our customers and for one another. I see them brave the elements and endure the long hours and late nights, often far away from their homes. I see them strive to go beyond expectations and deliver a better experience for our customers with each flight.

This is the vision of our company that I find most inspiring. In order to find out what the rest of my colleagues felt most inspired by, we conducted interviews and gathered thousands of viewpoints from people across our system.

The result is our company's first-ever statement of Shared Purpose and Values.

It will serve as the touchstone of our efforts and the benchmark of our progress as we strive to create the best airline in the world for you.

First, our Shared Purpose: "Connecting people. Uniting the world."

Every day, we help unite the world by connecting people to the moments that matter most. This shared purpose drives us to be the best airline for our employees, customers and everyone we serve.

That's our destination. Our Shared Values are what will get us there:

We Fly Right: On the ground and in the air, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in safety and reliability. We earn trust by doing things the right way and delivering on our commitments every day.

We Fly Friendly: Warm and welcoming is who we are.

We Fly Together: As a united United, we respect every voice, communicate openly and honestly, make decisions with facts and empathy, and celebrate our journey together.

We Fly Above and Beyond: With an ambition to win, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for staying a step ahead, we are unmatched in our drive to be the best.

As you fly with us, I hope you see and feel these values being put into action with everything we do to serve you.

They represent a commitment to you and the commencement of a new era of excellence for this airline.

I hope that the next time you hear the name United Airlines, what comes to mind are all the ways we live up to these commitments.

To the "New Spirit of United,"


For more information, visit Our Shared Purpose & Values section.

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