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      Some journeys are more fun with others along for the ride. What do you think makes a great travel companion?
      • ​Best travel companion = good balance between plans and spontaneous; willing to try the local food; willing to learn a few key phrases in the local language; knows the power of a good afternoon nap! 

        — Sioux T.
      • ​Someone excited to be on the same trip, with a sense of adventure and wonder. Oh and good hygiene!

        — Cathy J.
      • ​Your best friends and closest family members make great travel companions.  That will give you the best chance of having fun along your journeys.

        — Anonymous
      • ​Someone who has the same likes and dislikes that you do.  Makes life a lot easier when you're not trying to pull each other in different directions.  I travel with others, but always put forth what I'm like before we agree to travel together.   

        — Jon B.
      • ​Traveling with my 5-year old son...I take him to Greece every year to visit the grandparents and he's as fascinated with flying as I am.  We talk about the planes; the wings and the engines and the history of jet travel, from the 707 to the Dreamliner!

        — Anonymous
      • ​Someone who is independent. They can carry their own bags. They're not whiners, go with the flow and are flexible with a spirit of adventure and an upbeat disposition.

        — Anonymous
      • ​Someone that has the same interests, open to new things and doesn't snore!

        — Anonymous
      • ​Someone who is compatible with what I want to do out of my travel. It's also okay to do some things separately as well as collectively.

        — Jason E.
      • ​Catching up on sleep, TV shows and a few games on smartphone/tablet can be great company if we do not have a fellow family/friend/colleague traveler. Sometimes, one gets a stranger sitting next to us that is willing to engage in a good conversation to keep us busy on a flight and this is good too. 

        — Shiva
      • ​The best travel companion has a natural curiosity, and is excited about seeing and understanding new things.  He doesn't constantly complain about the food or the accommodations, the crowds. you name it.  He is courteous and welcoming to people from other cultures. He has the ability to accept a change of plans, and also enjoys getting off the beaten track. Ideally, he is informed about his destination by reading, videos, lectures, whatever... before traveling.   

        — Beverly Z.
      • ​Some one who likes to have fun in the sun!!!

        — Tom M.
      • ​Someone who lets me take the window seat and listen to me rant about my AvGeek facts about the trip we're taking.

        — Anonymous
      • ​Someone who knows the way around and makes you feel local.

        — Rickee N.
      • ​Having my nephews and sons vacation together. Family travel is the best.

        — Anonymous
      • ​The most positive character traits in a traveling companion are patience and a positive attitude. No matter how much experience you have at it, traveling is hard physically, takes time, and is quite unpredictable. You often have little control over the circumstances. A traveling companion who cannot handle change or the the many obstacles that can come up will only make a bad situation worse.

        — Maria G.
      • ​Courteous and caring flight staff.

        — Anonymous
      • ​Someone who you can joke with. The best traveling partners you can give a cute glance and the two of you break out laughing.

        — Dave
      • ​Some one just as adventurous as me.

        — Tika D.
      • ​Someone who is open minded and willing to travel to new place and can also share the excitement with you of going to those places. 

        — Luis H.
      • ​Someone who believes the journey is just as exciting as the destination!!

        — Ramona Jill V.
      • ​Someone who shares your interests, can laugh when things go wrong and doesn't complain when things do. You can do things as companions and if need be go off on your own without the other feeling obligated to join you. There is nothing worse than traveling with someone who feels the need to hang on your every move.

        — Ali
      • ​My dog. We fly back and forth from Chicago to NYC every other week. He loves flying and starts barking once we hit the ground and is ready to explore!    

        — Diane
      • ​Someone who is content to be with me, flexible in case of delays or missed connections, someone who sees the glass half full, not half empty. Someone who is excited and happy just to be traveling someplace new. 

        — Madeleine E S.
      • ​A great travel companion is flexible. When travelling, things happen, schedules change and opportunities arise. A good travel companion knows sticking to a rigid schedule can't always work!    

        — Danielle L.
      • ​Someone who loves the adventure, can roll with the unexpected and can't wait to try what is next. 

        — Stephen M
      • ​Some one who is flexible & fully engaged.

        — Victoria Dossey F.
      • A great travel companion is a friend in the sky and a stranger on the ground. You just make connection in the air.

        — Orlando
      • ​Clearly the greatest travel companion is your teddy bear (or other stuffie) - we are always willing to chat, eat your chocolate and keep you company.  

        — TourGuideTed
      • ​Someone who's ready for adventure and is willing to explore.

        — Anonymous
      • ​Someone who makes me laugh.

        — Anonymous

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