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      Our Eco-Skies initiative is really taking off. What are your eco-friendly travel tips?
      • ​Many communties in the world, and also here in the U.S. (such as San Francisco) no longer offer plastic bags when you buy items. They might even charge for a landfill clogging bag.  Bring along some cloth bags or buy one from United's Shop.

        — Clay
      • ​I run or bike to work at Willis Tower a few times a week to lower my Footprint. Also, trims me up, a little as a side benefit.

        — Ron M.
      • ​Good Start, Eco Friendly Flat Ware.

        — Angela Dawn B.
      • ​Attaining Fly-360-Green Accreditation from the World Green Aviation Council.

        — Anonymous
      • ​Pack light. You save on your fuel costs, I save on grief when I'm at my destination.

        — Rachel Kirsten S.
      • ​My eco-friendly travel tip is always try to recycle when you can, even if you don't want to.

        — Bradley K.
      • ​Biking to the university, although there is no sidewalk in the area. Getting on the highway mixing with regular traffic produces some adrenaline peaks.

        — Laurence C.
      • ​Love the new Eco friendly cups in the lounges. Great start. Thank you

        — Anita Anna F.
      • ​Leave this earth as clean as when you came!!

        — Clyde G.
      • ​I love this initiative. Great to see United is leading by example!

        — Vickie Moss H.
      • ​Airports have lots of spaces that could be used for photovoltaic installations, rooftops, spaces between run and taxis ways etc.

        — Anonymous
      • ​Packing light also means when I arrive at my destination, I can use mass transit to get to my accommodations from the airport. Environmentally friendly AND saves me money. Besides, I am NOT happy at a given city until I master the mass transit system to a point where locals come and ask me for directions!

        — Anonymous

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