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  • United "Love in the Air" Promotion finalist


    Our story of "Divine [Seat] Intervention"

    Love IS in the Air! My husband and I had the fortunate opportunity to meet each other on UA Flight #0393, Chicago/Phoenix, on November 10, 2011. We consider that flight “our first date” and we have been madly in love with each other ever since. It was purely a chance through a change in seating assignments. I was originally seated in Seat 22C and the morning of the flight, I decided I was worth the $39 upgrade to Economy Plus and changed to Seat 7E. My husband Ted was seated in the exit row and just prior to boarding, changed his seat to 7D. We often think it was some divine intervention. The first thing Ted said was “I’m glad you came so tiny” as he was on an earlier connecting flight with a person who clearly needed more than one seat.

    As I settled in he asked if I was native to Chicago or Phoenix and when I answered Chicago, he told me he used to live there and now resided in Scottsdale. He was traveling on business and I was visiting my brother. We hadn’t even left the gate and the conversation all the way to Phoenix never stopped. We shared my lunch. We learned about both of our lives, our children, where we were raised and educated. It was timeless! Ted was 55 and I was 56; our birthdays are 3 days apart in February. Our respective children, 3 girls and 2 boys, are ages 20-25; two were born in the same year. What are the chances?

    Ted asked if he could take me to dinner on Chicago’s North Shore the following Friday and I said I would love to have dinner with him. Because this was now our “second date” he brought a dozen long stem red roses. Ever the romantic! The Chef and owner visited our table and said we looked like we were just married and wished us a long, happy, and prosperous life together. Every following weekend he was flying back to me and the visits were sweeter and longer.

    We finally found each other. We became engaged on our one year anniversary on November 10, 2012 and dined in the same restaurant. We were married on February 16, 2013 and have made our very happy life together in Glenview, IL. We celebrate both our anniversaries and fondly remember the one single chance that brought us together. On Sunday, February 16, 2014 we are flying on the reverse leg of our initial flight together, Phoenix/Chicago and plan to sit and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary in Seats 7D and 7E. We are madly in love with each other and believe when we were growing up in Chicago we were like ships passing in the night. So many things we have in common and so many places we were together and just passed by. This one chance on United Flight #0393 changed the rest of our lives, forever.


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