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    • United p.s. aircraft get premium updates
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      Posted Aug 13, 2013 at 1:00 PM
    • Updated (originally published on Feb 2, 2013)

      We’re excited to keep you updated on what we’re doing in the area of aircraft enhancements. Since late last year, we’ve been updating our fleet of p.s.® Premium Service Boeing 757-200 aircraft, which fly our trans-continental routes between New York (JFK) and both Los Angeles (LAX) and San Francisco (SFO).

      As of October 7, 2013, we’ve reconfigured 12 aircraft. View the progress chart below for details on which aircraft are in the new configuration.

      We expect to complete this aircraft reconfiguration project by the end of 2013.

      What to expect while reconfiguration is in progress

      During the transition period, which will last through the end of the year, you may encounter some differences among the aircraft on the p.s. routes. We’ll be phasing in our newly reconfigured p.s. aircraft, while phasing out our current p.s. fleet. 
      In short, we’ll be operating a mix of two-cabin and three-cabin aircraft, which offer different seat types, seating configurations and entertainment options:
      • We’ll offer two-cabin service on all p.s. flights regardless of whether the flight is scheduled to be operated on a reconfigured or pre-reconfiguration aircraft.
      • The first three rows of formerly United First® angled lie-flat seats will be reserved for complimentary assignment to United BusinessFirst® customers who are Premier® members.
            o Global ServicesSM, Premier 1K®, Premier Platinum and Premier Gold members can select these seats at any time.
            o Premier Silver members may select these seats when they check in.
      Note: During the transition period, the United BusinessFirst cabin will be called United Business.®

      Click to enlarge the image.

      Inflight entertainment and connectivity

      One of the most significant interior updates is the introduction of 180-degree flat-bed seats. We’ve also greatly enhanced our personal on-demand entertainment systems, which are conveniently located in-seat in all cabins across our reconfigured p.s. aircraft. No more portable media players and overhead monitors. You’ll enjoy a personalized experience with our impressive entertainment selection of more than 150 movies, more than 180 television shows, thousands of music tracks, plus audiobooks, popular podcasts and games.
      All aircraft servicing the p.s. market will offer Wi-Fi service. And later this year, we’ll upgrade this service to offer Gogo’s new air-to-ground ATG-4 connectivity solution for improved connectivity performance.

      Cabin interior features and seat types

      Let’s take a look at the specifics and what you can expect when you fly in one of our reconfigured p.s. aircraft, starting with the seat configuration.
      Our reconfigured aircraft offer 142 total seats:
      • 28 United BusinessFirst® flat-bed seats (with a 6’4” sleeping space and 21 inches of width)
      • 48 United Economy Plus® seats (with a 36-inch pitch, two inches more than before)
      • 66 United Economy® seats (with a 31-inch pitch)

      United BusinessFirst

      As we described earlier, the United BusinessFirst cabin in our reconfigured aircraft includes flat-bed seats with a full 180-degree recline. You’ll have up to 6 feet 4 inches of sleeping space, which is 21 inches wide and is separated by a privacy shell and dividing screen.

      You’ll be able to adjust your seat to find your perfect comfort setting, using recline, leg rest and lumbar options. We’re also enhancing in-seat storage to include a top console and ottoman storage.
      When it comes to your inflight entertainment, the updates are significant: As we mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to enjoy movies, TV and music on-demand on a large 15.4-inch in-seat screen. You’ll also have more options for connecting your digital devices, with an Apple connection, a standard 110V power outlet and a USB outlet.

      United Economy

      With the updates to our p.s. aircraft, our United Economy cabins are getting a décor refresh and will feature new flooring, sidewalls, galleys, closets and lavatories. You’ll discover major enhancements to the personal on-demand entertainment, including 9-inch touchscreen monitors located in every seatback, and standard 110V power outlets and USB outlets. What’s more, Economy Plus will be more spacious, offering two inches more legroom than you find in our current p.s. aircraft. 

      Premium service in flight

      When you travel in United BusinessFirst on our p.s. flights, you can take advantage of many of our pre-departure and inflight amenities, including pre-departure beverage service, hot towel service, printed menus, pre-meal beverages with warm nuts, and multi-course meals that include an appetizer, a salad, a choice of entrée and an ice cream sundae.

      New wine service enhancement

      We’re now offering premium wines for purchase for $15.99 in United Economy on p.s. flights. Each half bottle (375ML) contains two and a half glasses of premium wine.  Both wines will pair nicely with selections from our popular Choice Menu.  United accepts credit and debit cards for inflight purchases.

      Other enhancements include:
      • More legroom than before in Economy Plus®, located at the front of the United Economy cabin
      • Complimentary in-seat personal on-demand entertainment and standard power ports will be available in all seats
      • r

      How to recognize a reconfigured aircraft

      There are two main ways to find out if you might be flying on a reconfigured p.s. aircraft:
      1. When booking your flight on united.com, check the seat map as you are reviewing Flight Search Results. In the new p.s. configuration, the United BusinessFirst cabin has seven rows of seats. You can match the seat map to this Boeing 757-200 seat map
      2. Closer to departure time, you can check the progress chart below and match the aircraft number (dark blue boxes indicate reconfigured aircraft) to the aircraft number shown in the United app on the Flight Status screen on your mobile device, on the Flight Status & Information page on united.com or on information screens at the gate.

      p.s. reconfiguration progress by aircraft number

      United p.s. Premium Service aircraft reconfiguration progress chart

      Note: Until the reconfiguration process is complete, aircraft substitutions may occur and we’ll operate our p.s. flights using a mix of aircraft.

      Look for announcements from us about placing additional reconfigured p.s. aircraft
      into service. Until the project is complete, we’ll operate these flights using a mix of aircraft.
      Take a look at the dining service details for United BusinessFirst.Also, if you’re traveling in United BusinessFirst, take advantage of the many comforts of United ClubSM access at LAX, SFO and JFK.
      We’re committed to making your experience flying our p.s. routes even more enjoyable. Learn more about our current p.s. Premium Service benefits.

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