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    • How to manage your MileagePlus profile on the unified website
    • Posted Mar 14, 2012 at 9:00 AM

      UPDATED (originally posted on Feb 15, 2012)


      United traveler in airport with view through window of United aircraft 

      We've made the transition to a single reservations system and unified travel website. If you’re wondering about your current MileagePlus® or OnePass® account information and whether it’ll make it safely through the integration, the answer is, “yes.”  

      This article show you how to manage your MileagePlus profile on the united.com website. Get the details on MileagePlus account numbers, PINs and passwords. 
      Let’s get started. 
      Signing in to your account
      To sign in from the home page to your MileagePlus account information, in the yellow MileagePlus Sign In panel in the upper-right section of the home page, type your MileagePlus number or username and PIN or password into the text boxes, and then select the blue Sign In button. Coming from the united.com site, you might not have a PIN. Don’t worry we’ve carried over your password and it should work just fine here.
      You can also sign in using the Sign In link in the upper-right corner of the home page, to the left of Ask Alex. Selecting that link opens the Sign In page. Enter your MileagePlus number or username and your PIN or password, and then select the Sign In (Secure) button to access the MileagePlus My Account page.
      MileagePlus Sign In options on united.com home page

      A couple other things to note about the MileagePlus sign-in process.
      MileagePlus Sign In panel and account details on united.com 
      1.  If you want your computer to save your MileagePlus number for the next time you’re on our website, below the MileagePlus Number text box select the Remember Me checkbox. The next time you are on the united.com website and a transaction requires your password, the system will prompt you for it.
      2.  After you sign in, the header in the yellow sign-in box changes to My MileagePlus Summary, and basic information about your account appears, including your account number, mileage balance, status level and any qualifying premier miles and segments you may have.
      MileagePlus My Account options after sign in on united.com home page

      Reminder: You can use your password in the PIN box to sign in to your account.
      Making your way around the My Account page
      You’re all logged in and ready to view your account details. To access your profile, select the My Account link from the global utility bar, or select the View Account Details > link within the yellow MileagePlus summary panel. The MileagePlus My Account page opens.
      The My Account page is divided into sections, each identified by a different color.
      MileagePlus My Account page details on united.com 
      1. Welcome box (yellow, left side) shows an account summary with a link to view your Lifetime Flight Miles. Notice the links to sign up for online statements and print a duplicate card.
      2. Most Recent Account Activity (yellow, right side) with an area where you can sign up to receive flight status notifications.
      3. TravelBank (green, left side), where you can create gift registries and learn about the united.com Club. 
      Note: You have the ability to view your TravelBank balance. TravelBank allows MileagePlus members to store funds received from united.com Club purchases, Gift Registry deposits and select credit card rewards. You can redeem some or all of your TravelBank funds toward any non-reward flights booked on continental.com. You’re also able to create a Gift Registry. With a united.com Gift Registry, your friends and family can contribute funds directly to your TravelBank, which can be used to purchase flights on United.
      4. Profile (gray, right side), which contains your primary profile information. For all of your saved settings, click the Manage Profile link.

      MileagePlus members: The information in your united.com profile will carry forward to the integrated united.com, even though you are getting a new account number. Since our system migration on March 3, all MileagePlus accounts use PINs as an additional security measure, If you ever need to retrieve or reset your PIN, the process is quick and easy if you have an email address in your profile.
      OnePass members: The information in your profile will carry over to united.com. 
      Have an account in both programs? It's important to understand how your profile data is merged as we move to a single website: 
      • Street address. If the addresses differ, the most recent address will be retained.
      • Email address. If the email addresses differ, the email address on file with MileagePlus will become the primary email for your account.
      • Billing information. Only your billing information from the previous Continental website is retained. 
      5.  Reservations (blue, bottom of page), where you can view any current reservations you have and find a reservation by entering your confirmation number.
      Managing your MileagePlus profile takes you through a few different pages and a number of steps, but the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We hope this article helps you make your way through logging in to your account and navigating all that’s offered on the My Account page on united.com.


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