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    • Check your flight status and stay up to date with your travel
    • Posted Mar 14, 2012 at 9:00 AM

      UPDATED (originally posted on Feb 23, 2012)


      If you have an upcoming flight on United, you’ve got a place to go on united.com to find out the current status of your flight and sign up to receive automatic flight updates.  While you’re on the site, you can also find information about weather conditions, in-flight amenities like food and entertainment, the specific aircraft that is scheduled for your flight and other detailed travel information.

      There are two ways to access this information:

      1. By using the website’s main navigation bar — the dark-blue horizontal bar near the top of the page, with tabs labeled in white. Simply hover your mouse over the Travel Information tab to activate a drop-down menu, and then choose the Flight Status & Information option.   
      2. By going to the light-blue panel in the middle of the home page and selecting the dark-blue Check Flight Status tab. The tab changes to light blue once you’ve selected it.

      Using the center panel

      Let’s walk through how to dig into your flight details via the center panel on the home page. To get ready, be sure to have your flight number handy.

      After you have selected the Check Flight Status tab, type the number of your flight in the Flight number box, and then choose your travel date by selecting the down arrow next to Departure Date.

      Tip:  The Departure Date defaults to today’s date, but you can get information for flights departing one day before and three days after the current date. 

      If you don’t know your flight number, right below you’ll find text boxes for entering the city or airport you’re departing from and flying in to.

      Note: Searching only by departing and arrival cities gives you access to a general timetable view.

      With your information entered, you can select Go.

      Viewing flight timetables

      Take a look at the Timetable Results page, where you’ll find details for the flight number that you entered on the previous page.


      Here are some actions you can take:

      1. If what you see in the list of results is not what you were looking for, you can always start a new search by entering information in the New Timetable Search box on the upper-right side of the page.
      2. If you see the flight you were searching for in the list, select the blue Check Flight Status button next to the flight to access the Flight Status & Information page.

      Digging into flight details

      You’ve made it to the Flight Status & Information page, where we offer a number of options for retrieving information related to your flight. 

      • At the top of the page you’ll find the Update Results button, which you can press at any time to refresh your flight’s status information. 
      • Below the Update Results button the aircraft and flight number that you originally entered on the home page appears in bold letters.
      • You’ll also see the status of your flight — whether it’s on schedule, delayed or canceled.


      Further down the Flight Status & Information page, we provide more in-depth information about the flight in a box organized into two columns: Departs and Arrives. Here you can verify your departure and arrival cities, and view details about gate numbers, terminals and both scheduled  and estimated departure and arrival times. 
      Gather details about your flight, the aircraft and the airport by selecting these links:
      1. The linked name of the city with the airport code and airport name to open a map of the airport.
      2. The Check Status link for information about where the aircraft is coming from.
      3. The airport code links to check the local weather for your departure and arrival cities. 
      4. A link to operational data that includes a summary of the weather and any flight delay information.
      5. A link to TripAlert sign-up and flight status reminders so you can receive email or text message alerts about your flight’s status.
      Information for the traveler
      Continuing down the Flight Status & Information page, we arrive at the Information for the Traveler box where you can find specifics about inflight amenities, flight standby list, upgrade standby lists and the seat map. Let’s take a look at each tab.
      1.  Inflight Amenities - Select this tab to find out about snacks, meals and beverages and inflight entertainment on your flight. You can also learn about in-seat power locations and whether adapters are present on the aircraft.
      2. Flight Standby List – This tab is useful if you are standing by for a flight that is earlier or later than your originally scheduled flight. Here you can verify that your name has have been placed on the list in our computer system. The Customers Cleared with Seat Assignments list on the left shows any standby customers who are confirmed on the flight as well as their newly assigned seats.
      For your privacy, we display only first three letters of your last name and your first initial.
      Tip: Customers are ranked by Elite status; if multiple customers with the same Elite status are standing by for a flight, we use the fare class of the purchased ticket to determine priority.
      Follow the link on this page to our Frequently Asked Questions about how to sign up to fly standby. 
      Tip:  The computer system continually updates and prioritizes the customer list so you might see your name move higher up or further down the list. To view the most current list, you can periodically select the Refresh Flight Standby List button below the FAQ link. 
      3.  Upgrade Standby List - On this tab, in the Customers Upgraded to First Class column, you see names of customers who have been accommodated with an upgrade along with the corresponding seat assignment. The Upgrade Standby List column shows the names of customers who are still waiting for an upgrade.
      Tip:  At the top of the box, check out the numbers next to Capacity, Booked and Checked In to view how many total seats are in the First Class cabin, the number of customers who are booked and the number of First Class customers who have checked in for the flight.


      4.   Seat Map – This tab shows the seats on the aircraft, organized by cabin and color to indicate exit rows and Economy Plus or extra legroom seats.

      Note: Seats may show up on the seat map as being available because they have not yet been assigned, even though no more seats are available for sale.

      From staying up to date on your flight’s departure time to delving into the type of aircraft you’ll be traveling on, you can find all of the details on our flight status pages. 





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