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    • Book a hotel with United and earn miles while you sleep
    • Posted Jun 20, 2012 at 1:00 PM
    • On united.com you can do much more than make airline reservations. Looking for a hotel in your destination city? You’ve come to the right place. We have partnered with Expedia Affiliate Network to offer more than 130,000 hotel options for you to choose from – all at a guaranteed low price.  

      Reserve a room now

      Let’s jump right in with a hotel search on united.com. Select the Hotel tab in the blue flight search box on our home page. Or, visit the United Hotels website directly, where you’ll see a blue search box similar to the one on our main website.
      The search box is just one resource for finding great deals on the United Hotels home page. Our Today’s Top Deals box on the right side of the page provides an easy-to-read overview of four favorite United cities with our top three hotels and rates. And the Popular Destinations section at the bottom of the search box features a list of cities and starting prices for hotels.
      United Airlines Hotels home page 
      To view a list of hotels, enter the usual information: destination city and check-in and check-out dates (if your travel plans are still in the works, there's a I don’t have specific dates yet box), number of rooms and hotel guests.

      The Show More Options arrow lets you get more fancy with your search. Take a look at our hotels by star rating, hotel chain (Hilton, Marriott and so on), amenities (Internet access, business center and a whole lot more) and whether or not breakfast is included in the rate.
      Tip: If you’re not exactly sure what to look for, don’t worry. You’ll have the opportunity to choose amenities and refine your hotel options when you reach the search results page.
      “The United Hotels website is a valuable resource for finding a hotel that matches what you’re looking for – with the features that matter to you,” said Colin Scott, United’s Program Manager for Distribution Strategy. “We give you the flexibility to browse a page of hotel listings or hone your search further – sorting by United’s recommendations, price, star rating and Trip Advisor® rating,” Scott added.
      When you're looking at the list of hotels that match your search criteria, use the drop-down box in the top-right area of the page to pick one of these options. If you’d like to narrow your results further, use the tools in the left navigation bar to filter results by price, star rating, traveler rating, amenities and more.
      Hotel room
      If you’ve scanned the list of available hotels and you’re still not sure which to choose, you might glean some helpful details in the reviews from hotel guests, provided by TripAdvisor.
      Once you've found a hotel that you like, review the details. Be sure to view the rate details to make sure you have the best property for you.
      Note: To offer you the best prices for hotels, many of our rates our nonrefundable and have restrictions on making any changes after you purchase. If you have questions, feel free to give us a call:
      US and Canada:  1-866-797-0578
      Europe:               00-800-11-20-11-40 

      Managing your hotel bookings

      After you’ve booked your hotel, you can go back online and manage your reservation. Just select the Manage Your Booking link in the top-right corner of the United Hotels page. Enter your itinerary number and email address and off you go to view your reservation.
      Tip: You can search for hotels on our United Hotels website by language and currency. Just select the gray arrows next to English and USD $ to active drop-down menus with more options.
      If you’d like to contact us for help with your hotel reservations, here are the numbers to call:
      US and Canada:   1-866-797-0578
      Europe:               00-800-11-20-11-40  

      Hotels + MileagePlus = more award miles

      United’s MileagePlus® hotel program helps you earn award miles during your hotel stay in the U.S. and around the globe. How do we do this? We partner with hotel rewards programs worldwide, so you can earn award miles just by choosing MileagePlus as your preferred hotel rewards program.
      To get a sense of just how many different hotels you can choose from, take a look at our comprehensive list of hotel partners

      While you’re on that page, don’t miss the link to view current promotions and limited time offers, which takes you to our MileagePlus News & Offers page. To see all the offers available to you, be sure to select the Hotel tab.
      Note:  When you book with United Hotels, you’ll also see how many MileagePlus miles you can earn on your stay. 

      Use your miles

      Did you know you can use your miles for your next hotel stay? As we mentioned earlier, we've partnered with hotel rewards programs to offer bookings to be purchased in just miles or a combination of miles and money, when eligible. Get started with your hotel search.
      Looking to stretch your miles even further? With our recently introduced MileagePlus® Unpublished Hotel Awards, you can search for a hotel by star rating, general location and the number of miles required to book a room, all powered by Hotwire®.
      To identify one of the hotels, look for the yellow Unpublished Hotel Awards symbol of a hotel with a white question mark. Immediately after making your reservation, you’ll learn the name of your hotel. Who knows? You may just find yourself in that gorgeous, four-star hotel that you've dreamed of staying in – and you just booked a room there using fewer miles.
      Search now for unpublished hotel awards.
      Whether you’re traveling to a new city or you’re looking for a place to host a group in your own town, you can take all the guesswork out of booking a hotel that meets your needs. On united.com, you have heaps of hotel options just waiting for you.
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