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Explore one of United's newest destinations: Chengdu, China

By The Hub team, December 15, 2015
Looking to travel beyond Beijing and Shanghai? Chengdu is a great place to start. We've compiled five reasons to visit the hidden Chinese treasure.

Now Boarding: Chengdu, China

1. Pandas

Outside of the forests where they originate, Chengdu is basically the panda capital of China. Check out the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base on the outskirts of the city to see these majestic animals munch on bamboo and generally be as adorable as an animal can be.

2. Tradition

Chengdu is a modern city, but it's not lacking in tradition. In the midst of the skyscrapers of downtown are the historic neighborhoods of Jin Li and Kuan Xiangzi, where even the restaurants are a throwback to a previous era in Chinese culture.

3. History

Visit the Jinsha Museum in Chengdu and prepare to see something amazing: the full remains of a 4,700-year-old Chinese village are sheltered under a massive pavilion. Stroll along suspended walkways that take you through the middle of the village and peek into the houses for a chance to peer back in time.

4. The riverside and the Anshun Bridge

If you're starting to feel overwhelmed by the hustle of the big city, stroll over to the Jin River for a calming pause. Winding through the center of the city, its banks lined with beautiful ginkgo trees, the Jin provides a pleasant ambiance. And while there you can visit the river's many ancient bridges, like the Anshun, which dates back to the 13th century.

5. The Giant Buddha

What could be cooler than a Buddha statue? A giant Buddha statue, of course. Coming in at a massive 233 feet tall, the Buddha in Leshan is the tallest stone Buddha in the world and located just outside Chengdu. The statue is so enormous that a half a dozen people could stand on his big toenail.

United flights to China

United operates more nonstop U.S.-China flights, and more flights to cities in China, than any other airline.

The airline began nonstop service to the country in 1986 and today serves Chengdu with nonstop flights from San Francisco; Beijing with nonstop flights from Chicago, New York/Newark, San Francisco and Washington Dulles; Shanghai with nonstop flights from Chicago, Guam, Los Angeles, New York/Newark and San Francisco; Chengdu with nonstop flights from San Francisco; and Hong Kong with nonstop flights from Chicago, Guam, Ho Chi Minh City, New York/Newark, San Francisco and Singapore.

Visit united.com or use the United app to book your next adventure.

United Cargo operates more than 11,000 cargo-only flights in one year

By The Hub team, March 19, 2021

On March 19, 2020, United operated its first flight carrying cargo without passengers on board. While the passenger cabin was empty, its cargo hold was completely full, carrying more than 29,000 pounds of commodities from Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) to Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

A year later, United Cargo has operated more than 11,000 cargo-only flights carrying more than 570 million pounds of freight. To support the COVID-19 pandemic recovery efforts, United Cargo has also transported more than 113 million pounds of medical and pharmaceutical products on both cargo-only and passenger flights as well as approximately 10 million COVID-19 vaccines, providing global communities access to the items they have needed most.

10 tips for spring travel

By The Hub team, February 24, 2021

Whether you haven't flown with us for a while or just need a quick refresher before your spring trip, read this list of tips to know before your flight and arrive at the airport travel-ready:

1. Download the United app for contactless bag check, travel assistance and more

Before your flight, download the United app to view your flight status, check in, sign up for flight notifications, locate departure gates, access our free personal device entertainment when available and more. We've also updated our app with new features that can make your trip a little safer, including contactless bag check.

Don't forget to use Agent on Demand for help with any and all questions you may have before your flight. This new capability is available at all our U.S. hub airports and allows you to use your own mobile device to contact a customer service agent via phone, video or chat to help with day-of-travel questions while you're at the airport. Learn more about Agent on Demand here.

United joins UNICEF COVAX initiative

By The Hub team, February 19, 2021

This week, we were honored to become the first U.S. airline to join the UNICEF Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by transporting the vaccine and other critically needed supplies to underserved areas of the globe.

"We are committed to helping the global community in any way we can, and we all must work together to do our part to bring this health and humanitarian crisis to an end," said Director of Cargo Specialty Products Manu Jacobs.

We will leverage our expertise to transport these critical pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments around the world safely, efficiently and expediently. We are proud to partner with the United Nations to support this global effort and provide equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

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