On January 14, 2016, customers Greg Hulcher and Suzanne Macaitis had a chance meeting on a late night flight from San Francisco to Chicago that changed both of their lives. As Mr. Hulcher tells it, Ms. Macaitis wasn't exactly looking for romance that evening — she just hoped to get some sleep before they arrived in Chicago. But Mr. Hulcher persisted, and by the time they landed, both of them were convinced that they had met their soul mate.

“One morning not too long ago," Mr. Hulcher recently wrote to us, “I woke up and looked at Suzanne, and just couldn't wait any longer; I asked if she would spend the rest of her life with me and she said yes. I didn't have the ring, and I didn't have the chance to say all the things I wanted to. I want to do that on the same journey that we met on."

This year they booked a New Year's Day trip on that same fateful route — San Francisco to Chicago — so that Mr. Hulcher could properly propose, with a little help from our flight attendant crew. Once in the air, San Francisco-based Flight Attendant Anniesha McDonald dimmed the cabin lights and presented the couple with champagne under the guise of Ms. Macaitis “being the one hundredth customer traveling from San Francisco to Chicago that day," at which time Mr. Hulcher presented Ms. Macaitis with a diamond engagement ring.

“She was very surprised," Anniesha said. “After Mr. Hulcher told her how much he loved her, she was so happy that she cried. We passed out champagne to the customers in first class and everyone toasted them. I was honored to be a part of it."

We wish Ms. Macaitis and Mr. Hulcher all the best and many, many more travels together.