Inspired by people who step on board our planes every week — headed to new destinations, exciting opportunities, and milestone moments — we dreamed up the hashtag #UnitedJourney to help bring these moments together.

Celebrating excursions big and small, the hashtag #UnitedJourney is more than just a way to join a social media conversation about the love of travel. It's an opportunity for flyers to motivate each other with new feats of wanderlust. To spark the imaginations of globe-trotters and weekenders alike, to continue surprising themselves and the world with all the places their passion for travel can lead.

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Thousands have already shared their moments of wanderlust over social media using the hashtag. The pics and videos posted are as diverse and unique as our travelers themselves — featuring bold adventures, favorite spots, and stories of chasing a passion or discovering a brand new one. We've seen China, Buenos Aires, London, New York City, Sri Lanka and beyond through the eyes of our passionate travelers — and it's only the beginning.

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You can join the journey on Instagram and Twitter next time you travel, by using hashtag #UnitedJourney to post your own travel pictures and videos. You may even see your posts featured on our social media channels in addition to the Hub's homepage.