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#unitedjourneycontest When I was 17, I travelled to Ireland for the first time.

By United Journey, August 19, 2018
Because of “the troubles” I was unable to travel to Northern Ireland. 30 years later, I finally made it with my daughter in tow, experiencing the coastline of this beautiful country on a rope bridge swinging in the wind, 100 feet above the Irish Sea. If I won a million miles, I would love to go to Xi’an, China to see the Terra-cotta Warriors. I would then continue on my lifelong quest to see a little bit of everywhere, and would bring my family along with me.

Diamond Beach, Iceland

By United Journey, August 20, 2018

Shine bright like a diamond, and they were! This picture is from (and appropriately named) Diamond Beach, Iceland. Hundreds of diamonds, OK chunks of icebergs, were scattered along this dark sandy beach. It was just another other-worldly experience you have in Iceland; picturesque waterfalls around every turn, still smoking lava fields, geysers, glaciers, lava tunnels, you get the idea… The diamonds form from glaciers, fall into the bay, travel to the ocean, and then waves push them on to the shore. AMAZING sight.

With 1 million United MileagePlus award miles we would first return to Iceland, this time with a 4x4 capable of traveling the "F" roads. Then we would experience an African Safari. As a San Diego native, having the World-Famous San Diego Zoo is quite a treat, but something tells me an actual visit to where the animals roam will be slightly better. OK much better. Finally end up in Italy (well you do have to eat at some point) to study and begin to learn a new language and much needed cooking skills. And then to Peru, and Japan, and…

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