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Rhapsody Remastered
The Soundtrack of United

Rhapsody in Blue has been our soundtrack since 1980 and in our new World Orchestra commercial, Gershwin’s classic acts as the universal language of our mission: to connect people and unite the world.

After nearly 40 years, it’s time for a remix.

To showcase how music can be the soundtrack for your United Journey, we invited four musicians to remaster Rhapsody in Blue using their city as the inspiration. The results mixed travel and creativity, introducing a time-honored track in a new way.

Rhapsody Remastered musician:
Anbessa Orchestra

Based in Brooklyn, Anbessa Orchestra explores music from different regions and tribes in Ethiopia and combines it with funk, jazz and R&B to create a unique blend of music. Nadav Peled, the leader of this Ethiopian group, challenged the band to remaster “Rhapsody in Blue”, George Gershwin’s classic jazz composition, by drawing influence from the band's signature jazz sound while infusing it with energy from the place they call home: “The rhythm of the city is fast paced. You get the grit with the beauty of it and all of it comes together.”

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Rhapsody Remastered musician:
Clovis XIV

Clovis XIV began his journey as a drummer, but the discovery of a Roland MC-303 Groovebox opened up the world of electronic music and hip hop. He is passionate about blending the two genres in new ways. “I love to travel because each city has a different vibe and nourishes my mind in a different way.” His interpretation of “Rhapsody in Blue” was what he calls “a real challenge” because it was in a genre he had not yet written for. “I really wanted to combine classical music elements and blend them with synths and drum machines. Instead of taking a sixteen-minute train trip in the 1920s, you’re in a two-minute flight in the 2020s.”

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Rhapsody Remastered musician:
Charlotte Dos Santos

Charlotte Dos Santos is a vocalist, producer and composer from Norway and Brazil, currently living in Berlin. She recently released her critically acclaimed 10-track debut EP Cleo and was heralded by Pitchfork, The Fader and Bandcamp as one to watch. NYMag and Pigeons and Planes described her debut as the “best Medieval soul all year.“ Charlotte was exposed to Gershwin’s music at an early age. “Gershwin is a musical legend and one of the most important composers of all time. I remember my grandmother in Norway early introducing me.” When describing her remaster of “Rhapsody in Blue”, Dos Santos says she hopes people feel “happy, levitational and excited to be heading towards their destination.” Keep an ear out for Dos Santos’ upcoming record in 2019.

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Rhapsody Remastered musician:
Low Leaf

Los Angeles native, Low Leaf, is a Filipino-American multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer. Rooted in classical piano since early childhood, she combines an array of genres by playing the electric harp, keys, guitar, singing and making beats. Low Leaf, or Angelica Lopez, states, “My journey into music has always been a journey into self. Music has always been part of my life.” She uses both travel and the “ever-changing, forever new” energy of living in Los Angeles as an inspiration. She considers her remaster a “fractal of a fractal of ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, as seen through a lavender lens,” and hopes that when listening to her rendition, people feel inspired to take that energy and put it into another form of creativity.