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Paul R. -- photo winner
Paul R.
United Journey Contest photo winner

What was the inspiration behind your photo? There is something about the sunsets in South Africa — the colors are so rich and deep unlike I have seen anywhere else. I really wanted to juxtapose a climber on this golden rock against the purple hues of the sunset. When I found this rock and how it was positioned in respect to the setting sun, I knew this was the shot I had dreamed of taking. It took a couple of days to get the right light and angle, but I am so happy with the final result.

What do you plan to do with the miles you’ve won? I am so excited to have won this contest! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and I can promise you these miles are going to be put to good use. There are three places that come to mind right away. I would love to go back to South Africa as well as visit Norway and Indonesia. There are so many more places, but these are the first three that come to mind. With 1 million miles, I feel like I will be able to see so much more of the world than I had ever imagined.

What do you love about being a United MileagePlus® member? As a United Star Alliance® Gold member, I can say that United really is the best airline to fly! Living near the hub of Denver, it is so easy for me to fly really anywhere in the world without having to jump on a million different flights. Thanks to United for constantly striving to be the best airline company world-wide.

Daniel D.C.
United Journey Contest photo winner

What was the inspiration behind your photo? It was always a huge goal of mine to go swimming with whale sharks and it's those moments that really feed my growing perspective on the world. Being next to a giant, but graceful beast is truly humbling. Seeing the world is one thing, but getting to experience it is another. I can only hope to continue to chase moments like that.

What do you plan to do with the miles you’ve won? My dream is to use art, in the form of photos and videos, to empower people to make more decisions that favor a more sustainable environment. I really have no idea where I'd begin with these miles and I definitely have to do my research as to how I can most effectively use them to make my dream turn into a reality. I'd love to highlight how islanders in particular are having a positive impact in the world and on the environment. Winning these miles is truly a blessing and I'm hoping it kickstarts my vision of becoming the driving force that gets larger countries and corporations to collectively work together and eliminate environmental issues around the world.

What do you love about being a United MileagePlus member? United has been the airline that my family has flown with for a while now. When I do get the chance to go to a United ClubSM, it's always a pleasant time. I'm excited to see how my time with United will grow with these miles! I can't wait.

Nikki L.
United Journey Contest video winner

What was the inspiration behind your video? What inspired us to make the video in the first place was our love for travel and our amazing experience with the people in Sayulita, Mexico. We got a chance to film many experiences while there, so it was just a matter of choosing some of our favorite clips to edit something for this contest. So much to see and do, and very lovely people.

What do you plan to do with the miles you’ve won? My family and I have always been passionate travelers, making travel happen as often as possible, and working travel into our businesses. My mom and I shot all the footage for our entry together on our trip to Sayulita, Mexico last year. We are planning a family trip together (my parents, my husband, my kids), but still deciding on the first location. We’d love to visit Belize, Ireland, Greece... Just a few to start! I’d also like to use some of the miles to go to Paraguay with my church. We also go to the east coast often to shoot weddings and visit my sister. United has an awesome flight to DC that we can now easily hop on with miles and go see my sis! We are so excited.

What do you love about being a United MileagePlus member? I’ve been a United MileagePlus member for years. I have loved being a member because I not only earn miles by flying, but I also earn on my credit card! I love the United Club, too. It’s a great perk to being a member with two free passes every year.

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