The numbers are in and it's official: 2017 was another record year at United as we continue on our quest to set new standards for reliability. We wrapped up December by topping our primary competitors with the most on-time departures and arrivals and fewest cancellations for the month, capping off a year filled with all-time bests.

Among our highlights last year:

  • 59 days with zero cancellations setting a new company record
  • 145 hours without a cancellation, setting a new company record (set in April)*
  • Best single-day on-time departure rate on Thanksgiving Day, when 89.1 percent of our flights departed on time, setting a new company record
"We all knew that it was going to be tough to top what we accomplished in 2016," United's Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President Greg Hart said in a letter to employees, "but not only did you shatter the previous year's records, you did so amid some of the most challenging circumstances in the history of our airline. You define professionalism and commitment, and we get better every year because of your hard work. I can't wait to see the new heights you reach in 2018."