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Discover the best diving spots on the Island Hopper

By The Hub team , July 20, 2018

Ocean lovers wanting to dive below the surface and explore the underwater scenery unparalleled should jump on the Island Hopper route. The Island Hopper primarily serves as a lifeline to the islands of Micronesia and the people who live there, but it also stops at some of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Though, you don't solely have to scuba dive on these islands, you can always opt for snorkeling near the surface.

While scuba divers have more freedom to explore all things underwater, it requires more experience and possible training prior to the dive. Snorkeling offers an easy solution those who aren't looking for too intense of a dive, while still allowing for an exciting opportunity to fully immerse yourself in nature. To help plan your under water adventure while on the Island Hopper route, here are 5 scuba and snorkeling spots you don't want to miss.

People snorkeling in Hanauma Bay

Honolulu: Hanauma Bay

Begin your journey in Honolulu, Hawaii where incredible diving spots are more than worth a visit. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is among the most popular, and for good reason. Formed in what was once a volcanic cone, the bay now thrives with over 400 species of fish including Hawaii's state fish the humuhumunukunukuapua'a and an abundance of sea turtles – creating a unforgettable snorkeling experience.

Scuba diver among the coral and sea life of Chuuk.

Chuuk: Truk Lagoon

The first stop along the Island Hopper route is a diver's paradise thanks to the famous ghost fleet of WWII wrecks sitting beneath the crystal-clear water surrounding Chuuk. This bucket-listen destination is an underwater museum with nearly 50 sunken ships and over 200 sunken aircrafts waiting to be explored. These WWII wrecks, now encrusted in coral, draw an incredible diversity of marine life including manta rays, turtles, and sharks – making it the perfect place to explore, either by scuba diving or snorkeling. Regardless of which you choose, there is nowhere else in the world will you be able to see WWII wrecks in such a close proximity.

Some of the jungle-covered ruins in Pohnpei

Pohnpei: Nan Madol

Upon arrival in Pohnpei, visitors will notice quite the difference from the scenery in Chuuk. Though there is plenty to see beneath the surface here, divers may consider trading in their flippers for tennis shoes to explore the island on foot. If you choose to stay above ground, head towards the eastern shore of Pohnpei where an archaeological wonder known as Nan Madol lies. Once home to an elite ruling class known as the Saudeleur dynasty, these sunken and jungle-covered ruins now lie just off the island, nearly untouched with amazing views. While legends exist, the true story of how the city was built remains one of the Pacific's greatest mysteries.

Boat along the shore of Majuro.

Majuro: Arno

The closest atoll and only a short boat ride from Majuro lies Arno Atoll. This coral atoll is a collection of 133 quiet islands, each featuring wide open white sand beaches and clear waters. This specific atoll is unique in that it encloses three different lagoons perfect for swimming, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. For those interested in making a small detour from Majuro, this atoll is great for a short getaway or day trip.

The shore near the Blue Hole in Guam

Guam: The Blue Hole

You've made it to the final stop on the route, but that doesn't mean exploring below the surface has to end now. Guam has no shortage of excellent diving spots – one of the most popular is the Blue Hole. This vertical cave, or natural limestone crevice opening to the ocean floor, lies about 50 feet beneath the surface and offers awe-inspiring views on the way down. Once inside, divers will find themselves in a secluded oasis of marine life illuminated by blue light streaking from the surface. Careful though, only experienced deep sea divers are recommended to make the plunge.

How to change your flight, or cancel and rebook later

By The Hub team , April 04, 2020

We know people are taking a second look at their travel plans right now. If you're scheduled to travel March 10 – May 31, 2020 and would like to change your plans, there is no fee to do so, regardless of when you purchased your ticket or where you're traveling. This is in addition to our previous waiver, which waives all change fees – domestic and international – for tickets purchased March 3 – April 30, 2020. This is available for any of United's published nonrefundable fares. If you decide to cancel your flight, you can retain the value of your ticket to be applied to a new ticket without a fee. These electronic travel certificates are now valid for 24 months from the date they were issued. This includes all currently valid electronic certificates and all new ones issued on or after April 1, 2020. You might not see this policy change reflected everywhere right away – we appreciate your patience as we work to make that happen.

Eligible travelers on domestic flights and international tickets can request a refund on or may call our contact centers if their flights have been severely adjusted or service to their destination suspended either due to government mandates or United schedule reductions related to COVID-19.

Certain tickets cannot be changed on or the mobile app, including tickets booked through another airline (if the ticket receipt does not begin with 016). Please contact the original ticketing airline for changes.

Follow the steps below to stay up to date, change or cancel your flight.

Change your current flight:

  1. On the homepage, select "My Trips" and enter your flight information to retrieve your flight.
  2. Select "Change flight" and then "Edit" to make the following changes:
    • Date of travel or destination
    • Add a flight
    • Remove a flight
  3. Select "Continue" and choose a new flight option
  4. Continue through booking to confirm your new flight

Note: The change fee will display as waived, but any difference in fare may apply.

Cancel your flight and rebook later:

  1. On the homepage, select "My Trips" and enter your reservation information to retrieve your flight
  2. Select "Cancel flight"
  3. Confirm flight cancellation
  4. If you have future flight credit, when you return to the reservation, select "Use Future Flight Credit" to shop for new flights and apply the credit towards a new flight.

Canceling or changing an award flight:

When you select "Cancel flight," you will have the option to cancel your award reservation and redeposit the miles or to cancel your award reservation and use those miles for another trip in the future.

*We're currently experiencing heavy traffic to If you experience an error while trying to change or cancel your flight, please try again later.

Click through the slideshow below for more detailed instructions:

​Start on the United homepage: ​

User can select 'My Trips' on the homepage widget to find and retrieve their reservation.

  • If you're not signed in or you're a guest user, enter your confirmation number and last name.
  • If you are signed in, you can select a trip from your current trips or select the 'Find another trip' link.

Working to bring people home – repatriation flights underway

By The Hub team , April 03, 2020

When and where possible, we are working to repatriate travelers who are stranded abroad in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Our teams are working closely with government officials here in the U.S. as well as in other countries where flying has been restricted to gain the necessary approvals to operate service. In regions where government actions have barred international flying, we have coordinated with the the U.S. State Department and local government officials to re-instate some flights. Additionally, we have been operating several extra flights to countries in Central America and South America as we continue to play a role in connecting people and uniting the world.

We have operated more than 68 repatriation flights from Panama City, Guatemala City, Quito, Lima, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and Roatan, bringing nearly 9,200 people home. We will continue working with government officials to operate extra flights to Houston from Quito, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and from Lima to Washington Dulles and beginning April 5, we will begin operating multiple charter flights between Delhi and San Francisco. We continue to review more opportunities for flights between the United States and other countries to bring citizens home.

Video provided by the U.S. Embassy Ecuador of Americans returning home on United.

Additionally, our Customer Solutions and Recovery team is working with customers in the following markets to rebook them on flights back to the United States as capacity allows, either on our aircraft or on one of our airline partners' planes:

  • Quito, Ecuador
  • Managua, Nicaragua
  • Roatan, Honduras
  • San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Munich
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo-Haneda
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Melbourne, Australia

We also recently reinstated several international flights back into our schedule to support customers and essential businesses which depend on these routes. As a result, we will be the only airline to offer service between Newark/New York and London, San Francisco and Sydney, as well as Houston and São Paulo, Brazil.

United Zoom backgrounds for AvGeeks

By The Hub team , April 02, 2020

Calling all AvGeeks and travelers! Here's a fun way to take your next video call….from a United Polaris® seat, the cockpit or cruising altitude. We're introducing United-themed backgrounds for use on Zoom, a video conferencing tool that many people are using to stay connected.

So for your next meeting or catch up with friends and family, download the app to either your computer or mobile device to get started. If you've already downloaded Zoom you can skip ahead to updating your background image (see instructions below).

  1. Start here by downloading your favorite United image to your computer or mobile device. Just click "download" in the bottom left corner of the image.
  2. Next go to your Zoom app (you'll need to download the app to access backgrounds) and click on the arrow to the right of your video camera icon in the bottom of the screen.
  3. From here select, "choose virtual background" to upload your uniquely United photo.

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