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The day off: Seattle

By The Hub team

Story by Justin Goldman | Hemispheres, September 2018

Seattle is arguably America's original tech hub, and Amazon's boom—the company is projected to occupy over 20 percent of the office space here within the next five years—continues to raise that profile. Fortunately, if you have a day off in the Emerald City, Seattle is also on the short list of the country's most beautiful, livable places.

9 a.m.

Start your day by ducking flying salmon at the recently expanded Pike Place Market, where breakfasts range from sweet (at the many cherry stands) to sausage gravy (at Honest Biscuits).

Public Market in Seattle, Washington

11 a.m.

The Pacific Northwest's two favorite sons were both guitar-smashing rock stars who played lefthanded and died at age 27. Get a little more experience with Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain at the Frank Gehry–designed Museum of Pop Culture, which has exhibits on both music legends. Strum a few chords yourself in the interactive Sound Lab's jam booths—but resist the urge to light your ax on fire.

1 p.m.

For lunch, stake out a table at the Taylor Shellfish Farms oyster bar in hip Capitol Hill. The bivalves, all of which are raised on Taylor's farms in Washington and British Columbia, are divine, as is the sashimi-style geoduck, but if you're a seafood lover, your life isn't complete—seriously—until you taste the cracked-to-order Dungeness crab.

Taylor Shellfish Farms oyster bar in Capitol Hill, Seattle

3 p.m.

Visit northwestern Seattle's Scandinavian-American hub, Ballard, where the new Nordic Museum opened in May. Come for the replica Viking ships; stay for the contemporary art, including Migration, Faroese artist Tróndur Patursson's flock of stained-glass birds.

Nordic Museum

5 p.m.

Flit over to neighboring Fremont for happy hour at the new Stampede Cocktail Club. If it's sunny, sip a Memory Blade (bourbon, apricot, honey, ginger, and lavender) on the porch; if the skies grow dark, keep your outlook bright in the tropical-wallpapered interior.

Wallpaper interior of the Stampede Cocktail Club.

7 p.m.

Brave the line for the elevated soul food at JuneBaby, which the James Beard Foundation named the best new restaurant in America this year. The kitchen is most famous for its Sunday fried chicken, but if you happen in on another day, the catfish with white grits, spinach, and fiddlehead ferns makes for a tasty consolation prize.

Fried chicken at JuneBaby

10 p.m.

Even Seattle's ultra-strong coffee won't keep you going forever, so turn in back downtown, at the Hotel Theodore. Boutique brand Provenance reimagined the 1929 Hotel Roosevelt and reintroduced it to the city (on a first-name basis) last year. Take a moment to look at the vintage airplane blueprints on your wall, and to appreciate how the Emerald City combines science, industry, and creativity better than just about any other.

Aerial view of Hotel Theodore

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United's regional presidents join respective Governor's COVID-19 task force

By Ryan Wilks, May 21, 2020

As a member in the tourism, travel and transportation industries, United offers a unique perspective into the economic and operational effects rippling across the U.S. To advocate United's efforts, and in anticipation of a bright future, New York/New Jersey President Jill Kaplan and California President Janet Lamkin have both been named to their states' respective governor's COVID-19 response task force committees.

A message from Scott Kirby, United’s new CEO

By The Hub team, May 20, 2020

Hello. I'm Scott Kirby, the new CEO of United Airlines. I'm a proud Air Force Academy graduate and have spent my entire career in and around aviation, including the last four years as President of United.

While I had planned for my first communication with you to be about the meaningful investments we were making to the travel experience and our continued growth across the U.S. and expansion to exciting new destinations around the world, today, the situation rendered to us by the COVID-19 pandemic leads me to a different type of message.

First, I graciously and humbly thank you for your business. Now, more than ever, our customers' loyalty is so deeply appreciated by every member of the United family.

As essential workers, the men and women of our airline have been hard at work over the past two months to transport vital medical supplies and critical goods to places that need them most, to provide free travel to healthcare professionals and to help thousands of individuals repatriate to their home countries.

Safety has always been our top priority, and right now in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, it's our singular customer focus. We recognize that COVID-19 has brought cleanliness and hygiene standards to the front of your mind when making travel decisions. We're not leaving a single stone unturned in our pursuit to protect our customers and employees.

We are installing plexiglass in lobby and gate areas, we're using the same equipment used to clean hospitals to disinfect the interiors of our aircraft, all crew and customers on board are required to wear face mask coverings and we're taking the temperature of our employees before they start work.

But at United, we're not stopping there. We're teaming up with experts from Clorox and the Cleveland Clinic to set a new standard for cleanliness and healthy flying that we are calling United CleanPlus℠.

Clorox is working closely with us to improve how we disinfect common surfaces and provide our customers with amenities that support a healthy and safe environment.

Physicians and scientists at the Cleveland Clinic, will advise us on new technologies and approaches, assist in training development and create a rigorous quality assurance program. And, as scientists learn more about how to fight COVID-19, Cleveland Clinic experts will help us use those discoveries to quickly implement new ways to keep our customers safe.

While we may not know when this pandemic will subside, what we do know is that travel is so deeply woven into the fabric of our global culture. We all desire to visit family, dance at a friend's wedding, hug parents…and see the wonders of this beautiful world. No matter how sharp the picture quality – or how strong the WiFi signal – there's simply no substitute for being there – in person – to collaborate, celebrate, explore. We are confident that travel will return. And when it does, United Airlines will be ready to serve you again in the friendly skies.

Thank you. Be well. And I look forward to seeing you on board.

Making every step of the travel journey safer for you

By United Airlines, April 22, 2020
United Clean Plus | Clorox

We remain passionate about connecting the world safely

United CleanPlus SM is our commitment to putting health and safety at the forefront of your journey, with the goal of delivering an industry-leading standard of cleanliness. We're teaming up with Clorox to redefine our cleaning and disinfection procedures, and over the coming months, we'll roll out Clorox products across our U.S. airports, starting in select locations, to help support a healthy and safe environment throughout your travel experience.

At the airport

  • At check-in:

  • 1
    Implementing temperature checks for employees and flight attendants working at hub airports
  • 2
    Installing sneeze guards at check-in and gate podiums
  • 3
    Encouraging use of the United app for contactless travel assistance and more
  • 4
    Promoting social distancing with floor decals to help customers stand 6 feet apart
  • 5
    Introducing touchless check-in for customers with bags
  • At the gate:

  • 6
    Disinfecting high-touch areas such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, telephones and computers
  • 7
    Providing hand sanitizer and
    disinfectant wipes
  • 8
    Allowing customers to self-scan boarding passes
  • 9
    Boarding fewer customers at a time and, after pre-boarding, boarding from the back of the plane to the front to promote social distancing

On our aircraft

  • 1
    Providing individual hand sanitizer wipes for customers
  • 2
    Requiring all customers and employees to wear a face covering and providing disposable face coverings for customers who need them
  • 3
    Temporarily removing onboard items like pillows, blankets and inflight magazines
  • 4
    Disinfecting high-touch areas, like tray tables and armrests, before boarding
  • 5
    Reducing contact between flight attendants and customers during snack and beverage service
  • 6
    Ensuring aircraft cleaning standards meet or exceed CDC guidelines
  • 7
    Applying social distancing to seating procedures when possible, including:
    • Limiting middle seat selection
    • Moving customers seated closely together
    • De-planing in groups of five rows at a time to reduce crowding
  • 8
    Using electrostatic spraying to disinfect aircraft, to be completed on all flights by mid-June
  • 9
    Using state-of-the-art, hospital-grade, high-efficiency (HEPA) filters to circulate air and remove up to 99.7% of airborne particles

Cleveland Clinic We're working closely with the experts at Cleveland Clinic to advise us on enhancing our cleaning and disinfection protocols for the safety of our employees and customers. Visit Cleveland Clinic's website to learn more about COVID-19.

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