Cleveland-based Lead Customer Service Representative Eric Green lives and works with a singular purpose – to give more than he takes. For nearly 30 years at the airline, he's given a lot of things to a lot of people: kindness, friendship, empathy and an infectious smile, to name a few. But when Eric, a lifelong non-smoker, received a shocking stage IV lung cancer diagnosis recently, it was his colleagues' chance to give something back to him.

Over the past few months, Cleveland-based employees have rallied around Eric with an outpouring of love, well wishes, prayers and support throughout his hospitalizations and treatment.

Above is a heartfelt video message that the Cleveland-based team surprised Eric with earlier this month, an emotional tribute to him and the impact he's made on each of them.

While his road to recovery is not yet complete, Eric continues to display his characteristic determination. He married his fiancée, Cleveland-based Flight Attendant Audrey Hanlin, in a ceremony at the Cleveland Clinic in September, and he's anxious to return to the people and the job he loves at Cleveland Airport.

"I feel very fortunate in that my workplace is not like a typical workplace, it's more like working with your family," Eric said afterward. "Whatever happens, I love my family at United, and I couldn't have made it without their support."