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Happy Halloween to United's biggest little fan

By Matt Adams

Meet 5-year-old Fisher Edwards, a little boy from Houston who might just be the biggest United fan we've come across in a while. So much so that this year, when the kids in his class at school decorated pumpkins for Halloween, Fisher decided to craft one as an homage to his favorite airline, showing off some serious creativity in the process.

Fisher pictured with his United pumpkin

But he doesn't stop at pumpkins. While his twin brother, Hunter, enjoys watching cartoons, Fisher prefers YouTube videos of United aircraft. All it takes is for him to hear the word United, and his face lights up. "When we fly, he gets on the plane and yells out, 'I love United!'" said his mom, Jennifer, laughing.

What was the origin of this obsession, you may ask. Well, it all started with a rough beginning to a flight and the kindness of some crew members whom Fisher has never forgotten.

"Fisher gets very anxious, and new environments can be difficult for him," Jennifer said. "We were flying United to California and he was having a hard time. But the flight attendants came over and were so kind, then one of the pilots came out and shook his hand, and that was it; that made his day."

Since then, Fisher can't wait to get to the airport for a close-up look at the planes taking off and landing, and he still gets excited when meeting flight attendants and pilots.

Today we're wishing Fisher — and all the men and women (here at United and elsewhere) who take time to make a child's day a little brighter — a very happy Halloween. We hope to see you on board again soon, Fisher.

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By United Newsroom, September 09, 2021

CHICAGO and DES PLAINES, Ill., Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United and Honeywell today announced a joint multimillion-dollar investment in Alder Fuels – a cleantech company that is pioneering first-of-its-kind technologies for producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at scale by converting abundant biomass, such as forest and crop waste, into sustainable low-carbon, drop-in replacement crude oil that can be used to produce aviation fuel. When used together across the fuel lifecycle, the Alder technologies, coupled with Honeywell's Ecofining™ process, could have the ability to produce a carbon-negative fuel at spec with today's jet fuel. The goal of the technologies is to produce fuel that is a 100% drop-in replacement for petroleum jet fuel.

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