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Faster airport screening coming soon

By The Hub team, July 20, 2016

We know TSA security lines have never been the highlight of your travels, but help is on the way.

In collaboration with the TSA, United is making your airport screening experience faster and easier by installing automated security lanes, adding permanent TSA Pre✓® enrollment centers at convenient locations and redesigning security checkpoints at several of our hubs.

Automated lanes mean speedier screening

With the new automated lanes, up to five customers can fill their bins simultaneously and move through the screening process quicker, even if TSA agents need to perform additional screening on a customer further up the queue. The lanes also use a parallel conveyer system that automatically returns empty bins to the front of the queue.

We will debut the first of 17 automated lanes at Newark Liberty International Airport this fall. When we complete the installation, the entire security checkpoint at the airport's Terminal C will have automated lanes. We also plan to install additional automated lanes at our hubs in Chicago and Los Angeles later this year.

Redesigned security checkpoints increase efficiency

We are building and redesigning checkpoints at several hubs throughout our network to dramatically improve your experience. Key initiatives include:

  • Installing audio and visual enhancements using cutting-edge technology in the security queuing area to provide customers with more information.
  • Consolidating four checkpoints into one new, centralized checkpoint at Newark Liberty.
  • Redesigning security checkpoints at Chicago O'Hare.
  • Constructing a new customer check-in area and a consolidated security screening checkpoint in Terminal 7 at Los Angeles International Airport.

the temporary enrollment center at Penn Station in New York City

More convenient TSA Pre✓® enrollment opportunities

To provide more opportunities for customers to apply for TSA Pre✓®, we've worked with the TSA to open a temporary TSA Pre✓® enrollment center at our signature space at Penn Station in New York City July 11-29 and will install a temporary enrollment center in the lobby of Willis Tower in Chicago Aug. 15-19. We will also host a temporary event in the United Club near gate B44 at Denver International Airport Aug. 9-12.

Later this summer, we plan to open permanent enrollment centers at our hubs in Chicago, Newark, Los Angeles and San Francisco, offering more customers greater convenience. We currently have permanent TSA Pre✓® enrollment centers at our hubs in Denver, Houston and Washington-Dulles.

All of these improvements mark the latest phase of an ongoing, collaborative strategy between United and the TSA.

“These improvements demonstrate our commitment to using the latest technology to ensure our customers have a reliable and enjoyable experience during every step of their journey," said Greg Hart, United executive vice president and chief operations officer.

Turn miles into TSA Pre✓®

Now MileagePlus® members can use their miles for a code that covers the $85 application fee for TSA Pre✓. For 10,000 miles enjoy expedited security screening at over 150 U.S. airports for 5 years. We are the first airline to offer this as a fully automated, permanent product offering for all U.S. members with real-time distribution of codes.

United Makes it Easier for Customers to Find and Use Travel Credits

The airline offers customers the most transparent and user-friendly options in the industry to encourage and simplify using travel credits
By United Newsroom, September 23, 2021

CHICAGO, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United today announced it is giving customers even more flexibility when they need to rebook their travel by helping them to find and use their travel credits. United is the only airline to make it easy for customers to use their credits by automatically displaying them as a payment option during the checkout process. This functionality will be available for MileagePlus® members first and the airline is working to roll it out to all customers in the near future. Also, beginning next week, United will be the first to let customers use their travel credits for extra legroom seats and to pre-pay for checked baggage.

United Airlines Plans to Begin Flights Between Washington, D.C. and Lagos, Nigeria in November

United to operate the first ever nonstop flight between Washington, D.C. and Lagos and offer more flights between D.C. and Africa than any other carrier
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CHICAGO, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United Airlines announced today that new service between Washington, D.C. and Lagos, Nigeria will begin November 29 (subject to government approval). The airline will operate three weekly flights connecting the U.S. capital to Nigeria's largest city, which is also the top Western African destination for U.S-based travelers. Tickets will be available for sale on and the United app this weekend.

United, Honeywell Invest in New Clean Tech Venture from Alder Fuels, Powering Biggest Sustainable Fuel Agreement in Aviation History

United agrees to purchase 1.5 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) over 20 years - which is one and a half times the size of the rest of the world's airlines' publicly announced SAF commitments combined
By United Newsroom, September 09, 2021

CHICAGO and DES PLAINES, Ill., Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United and Honeywell today announced a joint multimillion-dollar investment in Alder Fuels – a cleantech company that is pioneering first-of-its-kind technologies for producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at scale by converting abundant biomass, such as forest and crop waste, into sustainable low-carbon, drop-in replacement crude oil that can be used to produce aviation fuel. When used together across the fuel lifecycle, the Alder technologies, coupled with Honeywell's Ecofining™ process, could have the ability to produce a carbon-negative fuel at spec with today's jet fuel. The goal of the technologies is to produce fuel that is a 100% drop-in replacement for petroleum jet fuel.

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