On October 26, two of our employees at Los Angeles International Airport suddenly found themselves in quite the predicament: An elderly passenger traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles with his dog, Baby Bear, arrived at the Los Angeles Airport very disoriented. After realizing the customer needed medical assistance, Cargo Operations Supervisor Jerome Rocha called for an ambulance. The customer was admitted to the hospital, but was not expected to recover, leaving Baby Bear abandoned at the airport. With no other place for Baby Bear to go, our PetSafe team and Claims Coordinator Courtney Buckwalter took it up on themselves to help find Baby Bear a home for the holidays.

Baby Bear was temporarily boarded at the Kennel Club at the Los Angeles Airport while Courtney made it her mission to find a safe long-term spot for Baby Bear. She researched no-kill shelters in the Los Angeles area but was advised by No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) that Chow Chows, Baby Bear's breed, are often euthanized at an alarming rate, and that finding a rescue elsewhere would be the best solution. With Courtney's help, NKLA posted Baby Bear's story and photos on Facebook, and the post quickly went viral. Michael Chapman with Chap's Chow Rescue in Atlanta soon contacted Courtney, determined to foster Baby Bear until he could find a new forever home for the pup. Courtney made the arrangements via United's PetSafe program for Baby Bear's trip to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where he arrived safely and was taken in by Mr. Chapman.

"We could not have gotten the dog safely to Atlanta without the expert and professional help of Courtney," wrote Michael to Courtney's supervisor. "She has truly been a godsend to us and has gone way beyond the normal customer service provided to the public. You are so lucky to have such a great employee on your team."
Mr. Chapman has tried to make contact with the customer and his next of kin to provide information on the status of Baby Bear, but his calls have not been returned. He is still fostering Baby Bear, whom he now calls "BB," and will advertise him for adoption after BB is neutered and recovered.