Bringing service to our customers, wherever they are and in any situation: That's the underlying philosophy behind our bold new mobile strategy, an approach that earned us a spot on this year's list of CIO 100 Award winners.

Celebrating its 30th year, the annual CIO 100 Awards honor the 100 organizations that have best demonstrated a commitment to innovation in serving their customers and marketplaces, and we couldn't be more proud to have our efforts recognized.

As you've seen over the past few years, we've invested heavily in mobility, providing roughly 60,000 handheld devices equipped with problem-solving applications to our employees at airports around the world. We've also recently begun outfitting some Tech Ops employees in our hubs with iPads on which to perform their checks, and we will roll out a larger Tech Ops mobility strategy in the near future once the testing phase is complete.

Most notably -- and one of the reasons why the CIO 100 judges bestowed this honor upon us -- we are the only airline with employee mobile devices that are both Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled, giving us a valuable contingency plan if and when network outages occur.

"This recognition is the culmination of a massive team effort, in terms of research, development and rollout, intended to revolutionize how our employees interact with customers," said Operations Technology VP Jason Birnbaum. "One of our aims was to take our agents from behind their podiums and put them out into the terminals, where they could do things like change seat assignments, re-book passengers and print luggage tags right where the customers are. A re-booking transaction that would have taken 10 minutes under the old, stationary system now takes less than two. And those are just some of the many examples of ways we are making the day-of-travel experience better."