Earlier this month, we rolled out a new option for flights that may be overbooked — during check-in, customers can specify how much compensation they'd like to receive in exchange for being flexible with their travel plans. Once a customer indicates that they're flexible, they're prompted to choose or enter a compensation bid amount.

While it's up to the customer to decide on the compensation bid amount, we will consider the lowest bids first. This new process is part of our ongoing commitment to further improve our customers' travel experiences. Compared to last year, the new option has substantially reduced the number of customers who have been involuntarily bumped to a different flight.

See below for step-by-step instructions on how to select this option during the check-in process on an airport kiosk or your mobile device or desktop.

Airport kiosk

If a flight is potentially overbooked, during check-in you can agree to be added to a list of potential volunteers who are willing to take alternative travel arrangements if seats are needed. If you agree to volunteer, you'll be provided more details and asked to confirm your choice to participate as pictured below.

Desktop steps 1 and 2 for volunteer solicitation

You'll then be asked to select your bid amount. You can choose from three predetermined amounts or enter a different amount. Keep in mind that while it's up to you to decide on the compensation bid amount, we will consider the lowest bids first. Once you've made a bid, you're not able to change the amount. However, if you want to retract your bid completely, you can do so by notifying the gate representative.

From here, you will receive a confirmation that you've been successfully added to the list of potential volunteers. A summary screen will appear and ask you to proceed to your gate where you will be notified by a gate representative if your seat is needed.

Desktop steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 for volunteer solicitation

Mobile device or desktop

When checking in to your flight on a mobile device or desktop, you will follow the same steps as you would on a kiosk. (As with the kiosk, this option will only appear if your flight is potentially overbooked.)

First, determine if your travel plans are flexible. If the answer is yes, you may choose to participate.

Mobile steps 1 and 2 for volunteer solicitation

Next, select a predetermined bid amount or enter a desired compensation bid amount.

Mobile steps 3, 4 and 5 for volunteer solicitation

Finally, once the desired bid amount has been selected, a summary screen will appear notifying you of your selection. Please proceed to your gate where a gate representative will notify you if your seat is needed.

Mobile steps 6 and 7 for volunteer solicitation