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The picturesque views of Oregon

By Ryan Hood

By Social Media Platform & Development Assistant Manager Ryan Hood

My mom and I each had the next five days off and clothes packed for moderate temperatures. What we didn't have was any clue where we'd be going.

A couple hours and countless destination ideas later, we ended up bound for San Francisco. We've both spent a lot of time in the Bay Area, so instead decided to change course and head to Oregon for a scenic road trip throughout the state.

We got a few hours of sleep after our early-morning arrival into San Francisco and then took the first flight to Medford, Oregon, and what a scenic approach that is. Little did we know, that flight was setting the tone for the entire trip.

We rented a car and took off for the coast. We drove up and down the Samuel H. Boardman scenic corridor, which is very appropriately named. We spent that night in Brookings, Oregon (population: not many) and had some delicious seafood.

Early the next morning, we hit the road, driving back east, headed for Crater Lake. Most of the trails were closed because a majority of the snow had yet to melt, but the lake itself was still a very cool sight. Oregon's natural beauty was just getting started impressing us.

Deschutes National Forest toward Bend, Oregon

After lunch, we drove north, through Deschutes National Forest toward Bend, Oregon. I've done a lot of the stereotypical bucket list drives, and none of them could even hold a candle to this one. We pulled over multiple times, overwhelmed by how gorgeous our surroundings were. I highly recommend this drive.

Bend was a very cool area – good vibe, good breweries, good views. The hike to nearby Tumalo Falls was easy, and like everything else in this state, beautiful.

The next day we headed toward Trillium Lake and Mount Hood (great name). Looking out across the lake seeing people fishing, with the mountain in the background, was yet another postcard-worthy view, and well worth the walk down through two miles of matted snow in Nikes.

Rowena Crest, Oregon

We stopped at nearby Apple Valley BBQ afterwards, and I'd also recommend this spot. Get the brisket. From there, we headed west along the Columbia River Gorge, stopping at Rowena Crest, Crown Point and Multnomah Falls, each of which was, you guessed it, also very picturesque.

Next stop: Portland. I enjoyed being out in nature more than I enjoyed this city, but at least the food was delicious. Meal-wise, it's hard to beat a day consisting of breakfast at Voodoo Doughnut, lunch at The Grilled Cheese Grill food truck, dinner at Jake's Famous Crawfish and drinks at Deschutes Brewery.

Football field at the University of Oregon

We then headed south to Eugene, home to the University of Oregon. Nice campus and amazing athletic facilities. And hey, if you're lucky, one of the football stadium gates might just be slightly open and you'll randomly end up on the field. Just saying.

After a nice day in Eugene, we flew from there to San Francisco, and then back to Chicago. More than 900 miles on the rental car later, we each had a new favorite domestic destination.

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