Story by Lauren Vespoli | Rhapsody, January 2017

On January 11, the Saks Fifth Avenue New York flagship store unveiled a window display that gave “straight off the runway" a new meaning. A replica of a United Airlines Boeing 777 took over 14 of the store's iconic windows in celebration of United's new Polaris first- and business-class experience, which launched on all long-haul international flights in December.

Six of the windows in the display, titled “Now Arriving," offered a detailed look at the United Polaris cabins, including new seats (which debut in February), real United flight attendant uniforms, and luxurious new bedding designed by Saks Fifth Avenue — a duvet, lightweight blanket, and two pillows for each flier — that will come standard in every United Polaris cabin and lounge.

“We wanted people to really understand the level of service and quality that you will be getting when you travel United Polaris," says Mark Briggs, the executive vice president for creative at Saks Fifth Avenue. “The details are really, I think, what make the display." Briggs and his creative team even went so far as to remove the windows in order to install an exact replica of the cabin's galley and the United Polaris seats.

The windows highlighted United's commitment to enhancing international business travelers' sleeping experience, from the new seats, which offer more sleeping room, to the custom Saks bedding and the cabin's cool blue lighting and sleek design.

Of course, no Saks window would be complete without a dose of high fashion: Mannequins in the windows sported ready-to-wear looks from the resort collections of designers including Balenciaga, Gucci, and Proenza Schouler.“ We wanted to make sure that we portrayed the right kind of image for United Polaris," Briggs explains. “You have to be really careful when you're re-creating something that's so iconic."

The “Now Arriving" window display ran through January 22 at Saks' Fifth Avenue's flagship store.