On Wednesday, October 4, we sent a relief flight to deliver more than 300 skilled workers and 35,000 pounds of essential supplies to the people of hard-hit Puerto Rico.

The return flight reunited nearly 250 evacuees with family and loved ones. Among the passengers on that flight was 67-year-old Berta Cuadra, who lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Confined to a wheelchair as a result of childhood polio, Berta had been stranded in her 2 nd floor apartment with limited access to electricity and water and unable to communicate with her family back in Chicago. "For days we weren't able to reach her or get in touch with her, " said her daughter, Jessica Hernandez. With tears of gratitude, Jessica greeted her mother upon her arrival at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

"I'm convinced that my mom has angels looking after her throughout this whole event because it is incredible how people have just really stepped up to help each other. I am so grateful to United for giving our family this opportunity to reconnect and get together," said Jessica.