Last updated on September 1, 2017, at 12:45 p.m. Central Time

United flights to and from Texas and the Gulf Coast are resuming after Tropical Storm Harvey. If you have planned travel, we recommend checking your flight status before you go to the airport and signing up to receive flight status messages in the event of changes.

Travelers with booked flights to, from or through the Texas and Gulf Coast area can also use our travel waiver to change their flight. Please note that we are still experiencing a high volume of calls, so we recommend using or the United app.

Self-service rebooking options

If your travel is significantly disrupted, we'll automatically look for another flight to book you on. We'll notify you using the contact information provided during booking or at check-in, and you can also view your itinerary through the United app.

1. Rescheduling your trip

If your flight is canceled or delayed two hours or more, and you want to postpone or cancel your trip, please visit

  • If within 24 hours, you can select a new flight during check-in on or via the United mobile app
  • If more than 24 hours, customers can change their flight on through Manage Reservations.

2. Switching you to a nearby airport

Flights into or out of nearby airports may be available. If you're able to arrange ground transportation, switching to another airport could reduce your delay.

3. Standing by

If you're given a new itinerary but would prefer to take an earlier flight that is sold out, you can ask to be added to the standby list at no charge. If you don't get a seat, we'll move you to the standby list for your next flight.

Important Notices

Check for important notices before you travel Visit for information regarding severe weather, airport updates and other issues that may affect your travel. When severe weather or other major events impact our operations, we issue travel waivers to allow you to change to alternate flights without paying a changing fee.

Checked bags

  • If you're rebooked on a new itinerary, we'll make every effort to reroute your checked baggage. Please ask a United representative about the status of your bags and if they can be rerouted.
  • If your bags arrive at your destinations before you do, we will secure the bags until you claim them. If your baggage doesn't arrive at your final destination with you, please see a Baggage Service representative.

Before you travel

  • Download the United app You can use it to get your boarding passes, check flight status, view standby lists, change to other flights and more.
  • Provide accurate contact information When contacting you about your flights, we rely on the mobile phone number and email address you've given us so please ensure that this information is up to date.
  • Keep essential items in your carry-on bag You can help yourself through a delay by keeping snacks, baby supplies, medication, travel documents and other essential personal items in your carry-on bag for easy access.