It was another month of operational performance to be proud of, as we finished January in first place for on-time departure rate and second place in terms of fewest cancellations among our primary competitors. It was the seventh time in the past 10 months that we've ranked in the top spot for departure rate. We also led the competition when it came to on-time arrivals, finishing in first place in the U.S. Department of Transportation's A :14 metric.

Thanks to employees' hard work, we broke month-of-January records for highest on-time departure rate and fewest controllable delays. The final seven days of the month comprised our best seven-day period ever for mainline on-time departure, with an average on-time rate of 84.5 percent. At the same time, our hub at Los Angeles International Airport broke the company record for best single-day hub on-time departure rate on January 27, the same day that our Newark and Houston hubs broke their own previous records for single-day on-time departure rates.

On top of all that, we had seven days of zero mainline cancellations, including a four-day stretch from January 9-12, en route to our best-ever month of January in terms of fewest controllable cancels.

In a month in which we battled through our share of FAA-mandated ground delay programs, our employees performed admirably in making sure our customers got to their destinations safely and on time.