Technology is a driving force behind our airline and our commitment to getting you, our customers, to the people and places that inspire you.

In that spirit, on February 2 we announced a collaboration with IBM to deliver custom iOS apps that help unleash the power of the more than 50,000 Apple devices in the hands of our front-line employees. Over the past several years, we have increasingly sought to put the unique capabilities of the iPhone and iPad to work to improve the customer experience.

Our mobility strategy is designed to empower employees to better meet customer needs in real time. With the new apps, flight attendants will have greater visibility into which customers are connecting in order to assist them in finding their gates upon arrival. Customer service agents will have more freedom to move about the concourse assisting customers instead of being tied to a fixed position. Those are just some of the ways you will enjoy a more tailored, customer-friendly travel experience once the apps reach the field.

"We want to put our employees in a position to deliver exceptional service at every step of the travel experience," said Operations Technology VP Jason Birnbaum. "We have incredible employees out in the field who rely on technology to help our customers."

Together with IBM and Apple, we're putting the days of long podiums lines and static work stations behind us.