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5 apps to step up your foodie game

By The Hub team, June 06, 2016

There are a thousand reasons why we travel. Some of us do it for business, others to explore new destinations, and a few to revisit a favorite city where we had a special experience. Whatever the reason may be, there's a distinctive type of traveler who always seeks out the best of one particular thing when traveling: food.

This type of traveler, sometimes known as the foodie traveler, looks for new culinary experiences and ways to replicate the first time they tasted something so delightful it ignited a passion for discovery. It used to take a lot of work to find these experiences, but now there are many tools to help us on our journey. Whether you are a seasoned foodie or new to the food scene, these five apps will keep your foodie game strong.

The right recommendations

1. While many apps rely on community guidance, true food connoisseurs are skipping the reviews from random strangers and are looking to the professionals instead. ChefsFeed provides you with restaurant recommendations from top chefs around the country.

2. Nothing goes better with a perfect meal than a perfect glass of wine. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one when faced with an extensive wine list. With Vivino Wine Scanner, you can take a photo of a wine bottle or wine list and instantly receive ratings and reviews. Vivino takes it one step further by maintaining personalized drink profiles so that you can reference your favorites on the go.

Save time & take more pictures

3. The struggle of scoring a table at a popular restaurant can be daunting at times, but with NoWait, you can place yourself on restaurant waitlists from anywhere. NoWait provides current wait times for nearby restaurants and virtually waits in line for you even if those locations normally do not take reservations. Once the table is ready, the app sends you a text to help save time.

4. Taking photos of meals at restaurants has become the norm, and now with Foodspotting, you can put your photos to good use. Prior to ordering, Foodspotting allows you to consult with other foodies around the world about a potential meal through pictures of meals previously shared. Additionally, you are able to recommend dishes and see what other people have loved.

Find that truck

5. Food trucks have practically taken over major cities, but it can be challenging to keep up with where your favorite truck is parked. The Roaming Hunger app allows you to locate food trucks nearby and also locate favorites with ease. Plus, you can see the menu and photos from vendors before trying them. At the moment, the app tracks over 7,500 food trucks across the U.S. and Canada. Happy roaming.

The next time you fly with United and need help finding the best dim sum in Shanghai, or can't decide which food truck to try in Houston, turn to your new arsenal of foodie apps for guidance, and embrace the true foodie that you are. Visit united.com to plan your next foodie trip.

United Makes it Easier for Customers to Find and Use Travel Credits

The airline offers customers the most transparent and user-friendly options in the industry to encourage and simplify using travel credits
By United Newsroom, September 23, 2021

CHICAGO, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United today announced it is giving customers even more flexibility when they need to rebook their travel by helping them to find and use their travel credits. United is the only airline to make it easy for customers to use their credits by automatically displaying them as a payment option during the checkout process. This functionality will be available for MileagePlus® members first and the airline is working to roll it out to all customers in the near future. Also, beginning next week, United will be the first to let customers use their travel credits for extra legroom seats and to pre-pay for checked baggage.

United Airlines Plans to Begin Flights Between Washington, D.C. and Lagos, Nigeria in November

United to operate the first ever nonstop flight between Washington, D.C. and Lagos and offer more flights between D.C. and Africa than any other carrier
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CHICAGO, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United Airlines announced today that new service between Washington, D.C. and Lagos, Nigeria will begin November 29 (subject to government approval). The airline will operate three weekly flights connecting the U.S. capital to Nigeria's largest city, which is also the top Western African destination for U.S-based travelers. Tickets will be available for sale on united.com and the United app this weekend.

United, Honeywell Invest in New Clean Tech Venture from Alder Fuels, Powering Biggest Sustainable Fuel Agreement in Aviation History

United agrees to purchase 1.5 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) over 20 years - which is one and a half times the size of the rest of the world's airlines' publicly announced SAF commitments combined
By United Newsroom, September 09, 2021

CHICAGO and DES PLAINES, Ill., Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- United and Honeywell today announced a joint multimillion-dollar investment in Alder Fuels – a cleantech company that is pioneering first-of-its-kind technologies for producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at scale by converting abundant biomass, such as forest and crop waste, into sustainable low-carbon, drop-in replacement crude oil that can be used to produce aviation fuel. When used together across the fuel lifecycle, the Alder technologies, coupled with Honeywell's Ecofining™ process, could have the ability to produce a carbon-negative fuel at spec with today's jet fuel. The goal of the technologies is to produce fuel that is a 100% drop-in replacement for petroleum jet fuel.

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