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The essential travel guide to New York City

By UK/IE Hub Team

No other metropolis in the world gives off as much energy and excitement as New York City. Whether you are visiting for the very first time or you are a frequent traveller, the streets and boroughs of NYC offer countless wonders to experience. But with so many incredible sights, sounds and tastes available to enjoy, deciding what to see and do can be a daunting task. To help you get the most out of your next trip to the Big Apple, here is a handy guide to some of the city's best and brightest attractions.

Grassy area in Central Park in the summer Grassy area in Central Park in the summer

The great outdoors

When the sun is out, there is nothing better than exploring New York City's gorgeous natural outdoor spaces on foot. Start with a trip to lovely Central Park, and don't forget to bring your picnic basket. If you are searching for the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing afternoon lunch on the grass, try the park's Cherry Hill area, which features a peaceful atmosphere and a terrific view of the lake.

When your muscles need some stretching, an outdoor yoga class in Midtown Manhattan's picturesque Bryant Park is the perfect solution. Classes are typically held on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings, depending on the weather. Other popular outdoor activities in NYC include a boat trip on the historic Staten Island Ferry, an energising jog across the Brooklyn Bridge and a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Art and design

Thanks to its size and ethnic diversity, New York City is widely considered to be one of the world's foremost centres for art and visual design. To indulge your love of creative expression, a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an absolute must. The largest art museum in the United States, the Met, is an essential attraction that every art lover needs to see for themselves.

For something equally colourful but a bit more abstract, the Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue is hosting a stunning exhibition devoted to the work of pioneering Swedish artist and mystic Hilma af Klint later this year. If guerrilla art is more your style, then a guided walking tour of the vibrant street murals in Brooklyn's Bushwick Collective will be just what you are looking for.

New York style cheese pizza New York style cheese pizza

Food and drink

No matter what type of cuisine you are hungry for, you are guaranteed to find several delicious options everywhere you go. Be sure to make a reservation at the award-winning Gramercy Tavern in the Flatiron District if you are in the mood for a posh spot that serves incredible seasonal dishes like lamb loin and ravioli, and squash salad with lobster and farro.

For a classic slice of New York pizza that Anthony Bourdain called 'the best of the best', look no further than the beloved Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. And fans of HBO's 'Sex and the City' will definitely want to order a mini cupcake and a cappuccino at Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street where Carrie and Miranda ordered their snacks in season 3 of the series. When you are ready for a perfectly prepared New York cocktail, the expert mixologists at Pegu Club have you covered. Their unique spin on the classic Pisco Punch, made with pineapple-infused brandy, grapefruit and lime syrup, is just the drink you will need to help kick off a night on the town.


Whether you prefer cosy boutiques or glamorous department stores, shopping in New York City is a full-time activity. Considering how many world-famous authors hail from the city, it is no surprise that local bookshops continue to attract thousands of shoppers each day. Founded in 1927, the historic Strand Bookstore in the East Village is perhaps the most popular one of all. Featuring three and a half floors of books, both new and used, it is a must-visit destination for readers of all ages.

Treasure-hunters looking to find one-of-a-kind gifts should make plans to explore the open-air Chelsea Flea Market on West 25th Street. One of the city's most beloved places to buy unique antiques, collectibles and vintage clothes, it is also a great spot for people watching.

If money is no object, a day spent shopping in luxury at the impeccable Tiffany & Co. on 5th Avenue is the ultimate way to experience the city. On the other hand, bargain-minded consumers can stretch their travel money by searching the exquisite sale racks at Neiman Marcus Last Call in Brooklyn.

Times Square at night Times Square at night

Live entertainment

Though Los Angeles is correctly referred to as the film capital of the world, New York City is the leader when it comes to virtually all other types of entertainment. Just for laughs, reserve a seat at the Gotham Comedy Club in the Chelsea neighbourhood and prepare to witness some of the funniest stand-up acts you have ever seen. Brilliant comics like John Witherspoon, Janeane Garofalo and Carlos Mencia take the stage during the week, while major headliners like Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle have been known to stop by unannounced to try out new material.

In a city with dozens of top-notch live music venues, the Beacon Theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side is easily one of the best. What trip to New York is complete without a Broadway play? If you have not planned ahead to get tickets to a theatrical show, don't worry. A quick stop at TKTS Times Square is a great way to find some last-minute Broadway theatre tickets at discounted prices.

If you go

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We fly crucial medical equipment for COVID-19 testing

By The Hub team , March 31, 2020

In the midst of mobilizing our cargo operations, our teams at New York/Newark (EWR) and Jacksonville (JAX) stepped in to assist Roche Diagnostics with transporting a vital component for an instrument being used for COVID-19 testing.

The component was stuck at EWR en route to the Mayo Clinic in Florida after another airline's flights were cancelled. A Roche employee contacted us asking for help and, within a few hours, our teams had the piece loaded onto a Jacksonville-bound aircraft, with arrangements in place to deliver it to the Mayo Clinic.

The item we shipped will allow the Mayo Clinic in Florida to process hundreds of COVID-19 tests per day. Mayo Clinic Laboratories has been on the front lines of increasing testing capacity to expedite caring for patients at this critical time and working to ease the burden being felt at test processing laboratories in a growing number of areas.

Cargo-only flights transport critical goods

By The Hub team

Cargo-only flights support U.S. military and their families

March 30, 2020

We are helping to keep military families connected by increasing the frequency of cargo-only flights between the United States and military bases in various parts of the world — including Guam, Kwajalein, and several countries in Europe. Last week we began operating a minimum of 40 cargo-only flights weekly — using Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft to fly freight and mail to and from U.S. hubs and key international business and military locations.

We are going above and beyond to find creative ways to transport fresh food and produce, as well as basic essentials from the U.S. mainland to military and their families in Guam/Micronesia. On Saturday, March 28, we operated an exclusive cargo-only B777-300 charter to transport nearly 100,000 pounds of food essentials to Guam to support our troops.

In addition, we move mail year-round all over the world. In response to COVID-19, and in support of the military members and their families overseas, we implemented a charter network, transporting military mail to Frankfurt, which is then transported all over Europe and the Middle East. Since March 20, we have flown 30,000+ pounds of military mail every day between Chicago O'Hare (ORD) and Frankfurt (FRA). On the return flight from Frankfurt to Chicago, we have carried an average of 35,000 pounds of mail to help families stay connected.

"Keeping our military families connected with the goods they need, and keeping them connected with loved ones to feel a sense of home, is of critical importance. As a company that has long supported our military families and veterans, our teams are proud to mobilize to lend a hand." — United Cargo President Jan Krems.

Our cargo-only flights support customers, keep planes moving

March 22, 2020

We have begun flying a portion of our Boeing 777 and 787 fleet as dedicated cargo charter aircraft to transfer freight to and from U.S. hubs and key international business locations. The first of these freight-only flights departed on March 19 from Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) to Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) with the cargo hold completely full, with more than 29,000 lbs. of goods.

United ramp crew members help place cargo on a United flight

Getting critical goods into the hands of the businesses and people who need them most is extremely important right now. To support customers, employees and the global economy, we will initially operate a schedule of 40 cargo charters each week targeting international destinations and will continue to seek additional opportunities.

With coronavirus (COVID-19) creating an increased need to keep the global supply chain moving, we are utilizing our network capabilities and personnel to get vital shipments, such as medical supplies, to areas that need them most.

"Connecting products to people around the world is the United Cargo mission," said United Cargo President Jan Krems. "That role has never been more crucial than during the current crisis. Our team is working around the clock to provide innovative solutions for our customers and support the global community."

On average, we ship more than 1 billion pounds of cargo every year on behalf of domestic and international customers. For more information, visit

An update from our CEO, Oscar Munoz

By Oscar Munoz, CEO, United Airlines , March 27, 2020

To our customers,

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and well.

It is safe to say these past weeks have been among some of the most tumultuous and emotional that any of us can remember in our lifetimes. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been felt by individuals and families, companies and communities, across the United States and around the world.

The response to this crisis has been extraordinary; as much for what it has required from our society as for what it has revealed of us as a people.

Far from causing division and discord, this crisis and the social distancing it has required, has allowed us to witness something profound and moving about ourselves: our fond and deeply felt wish to be connected with one another.

The role of connector is one we're privileged to play in the moments that matter most in your life – weddings and graduations, birthdays and business trips, events large and small – and it's that responsibility that motivates us most to get back to our regular service, as soon as possible.

That is why it is so important our government acted on a comprehensive relief act to ensure our airline – and our industry – are ready and able to serve you again when this crisis abates.

I want to relay to you, in as deeply personal a way I can, the heartfelt appreciation of my 100,000 United team members and their families for this vital public assistance to keep America and United flying for you.

This support will save jobs in our business and many others. And it allows us time to make decisions about the future of our airline to ensure that we can offer you the service you deserve and have come to expect as our customers.

While consumer demand has fallen, we have seen the need for our service and capabilities shifted. And, we've adapted to help meet those needs.

Right now, aircraft flying the United livery and insignia, flown by our aviation professionals, have been repurposed to deliver vital medical supplies and goods to some of the places that need it most. We're also using several of our idle widebody aircraft to use as dedicated charter cargo flights, at least 40 times per week, to transfer freight to and from U.S. locations as well as to key international business locations. At the same time, we are working in concert with the U.S. State Department to bring stranded Americans who are trying to return home back to their loved ones.

While much remains uncertain right now, one thing is for sure: this crisis will pass. Our nation and communities will recover and United will return to service you, our customers. When that happens, we want you to fly United with even greater pride because of the actions we took on behalf of our customers, our employees and everyone we serve.

Stay safe and be well,

Oscar Munoz

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