You asked for it, and all across United, we're making improvements based on your feedback.

One of the new premium cabin options we've introduced on flights from Japan to the U.S., are multi-course innovative Japanese meals tailored for all four seasons designed by Michelin star rated chef Yosuke Tanaka, owner of Kazura, a Japanese kaiseki restaurant in Hiroshima, Japan.

The autumn Japanese meal starter course begins with Takiawase, a seasonal vegetable appetizer of red snapper sashimi with ponzu jelly and skewer of negima chicken, in flavors and colors reminiscent of the season. The main course features a traditional Hosho Yaki (smoked and steamed) entrèe, which is grilled kamasu fish, wrapped in rice paper. It is then unwrapped by customers at their seat like a gift from the Chef, in true Japanese style. Fish, which is high in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids, helps travelers battle fatigue and the addition of torimeshi rice, mushroom and burdock miso soup are perfect for a fall palate.

Our seasonal Japanese meals served during winter, spring and summer use bold flavors and ingredients reflective of the season, and each is offered with green tea or sake, a perfect pairing with this fare.

To pre-order a Japanese meal for your next flight to or from Japan in United Global First or BusinessFirst, visit our special meals page on

More about our food and beverage programs

The new menus will be updated monthly in Economy seating across our international flights, where we're adding multi-course meal service, complimentary beer, wine and a bottle of water, greater availability of half bottles of premium wine for purchase and an expansion of our Choice Menu Snack Shop across all flights.

We hope you enjoy all the new flavors. Let us know your foodie recommendations by filling out your customer survey or interacting with us on our social media channels. Happy travels!