We're setting a new course at United, one that is defined by a shared purpose among our employees to operate at the highest and most efficient level. This new direction is a flight plan for how we'll become the best, most reliable airline in the world. From improving our on-time performance to providing customers with options when it comes to their travel needs, we're redefining what it means to be the best in our industry.

Besides setting a new direction for the airline, we're also excited about our new fare offering, Basic Economy, for the price-sensitive consumer. For more on our new direction and Basic Economy, watch the video below to hear from our CEO, Oscar Munoz.

1. Run like clockwork

Continuing to improve our on-time departure performance, working smarter to speed up aircraft turns, improving our maintenance processes and getting better at controllable cancellations and long delays are all top priorities. We're going to keep learning and refining everything we do to set the industry standard for reliability.

2. Keep the home court advantage

Like a team with home court advantage, we have all the assets we need to win at our airport hub locations and create the world's leading network of routes. We're committed to running a great airline with exceptional customer service, and we'll continue to make the most of our unsurpassed route network.

3. When you win, we win

We know that our customers want more options when it comes to their travel needs, which is why we are customizing our product offering to include an all-new service, Basic Economy in addition to our premium fare, United Polaris℠. We will continue to make improvements to the ground and onboard experience, from renovating 12 United Club℠ locations in 2017 to building the best Big Apple airport experience at New York/Newark International Airport.

4. It's all about the team

We are building a culture where people are recognized and rewarded for the value they create. Employees are helping us to define our company purpose and values. With our energy and momentum, there's no limit to where we can go when we're all moving in the same direction together.

5. “Teching" off

We're investing in getting the basics right and will keep building on the great reliability improvements we've already made by using innovation tools. We're also putting more information directly into the hands of our customers, such as more rebooking options, electronic travel vouchers and full management of reservations. We know customers love our mobile app, and we are continually improving our website.

6. It's about investing in our future

We're investing in our people and our product. By improving our network, expanding options for travelers and introducing customer enhancements, we'll set our course to be the best airline for both employees and customers.