This year, give a gift that keeps on giving. Read on for four reasons why a trip makes the best present this holiday season.

Reason 1: A trip builds more excitement

When you open a gift box, you experience a momentary buzz of excitement while you tear through the wrapping paper. Opening a small envelope may not elicit as much excitement, but the airline ticket inside has potential far greater than any other gift. Initially, all you have is the promise of a journey sometime in the future. But the excitement and anticipation of that trip keep on building until the day you finally embark. And when you return, you will have joyful memories of your adventure, which only grow fonder with the passing of time. The gift of travel is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Reason 2: A trip gives a sense of perspective

The holidays are about spending time with our loved ones, bringing families and friends together and providing a brief respite from our daily grind to enjoy the people we care about. If you hand someone the latest electronic gadget, you'll watch as they race off into a world of their own, particularly if the gadget involves headphones. If you hand them two tickets for a long weekend in New York or two weeks in Europe, you've gifted them the opportunity to engage and connect on a human level, to travel, to learn, to experience and to build memories together. As ancient Roman philosopher Seneca said: “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind."

Reason 3: Travel is packed full of benefits

Travel can have multiple benefits for those involved. From boosting your mood to providing a little rest and relaxation, traveling can do wonders for your health and well-being, simply by being on your feet and exploring a new place. On top of all that, travel can help give the traveler a greater sense of being alive.

Reason 4: We are all the sum of our experiences

We are all the sum of where we've been, what we've seen and what we've done. That is why the gift of a trip may come to define who you are. When we look back on our fondest memories, the experience of watching the sunset over the Serengeti or seeing kangaroos in the Australian Outback will leave a long-lasting impression.

So this year, when you're thinking about the perfect gift to give, try something new and give the gift of travel.