Some aviation geeks (“AVGeeks" to those in the know) can identify a plane by its main landing gear configuration, others have decorated their houses with old memorabilia, and many count “The Right Stuff" or “Top Gun" as their favorite movie.At United, our passion for aviation runs deep, and what better day to celebrate that than on the U.S.'s National Aviation Day? See 12 of the many proud AVGeeks throughout our company. United Employee, Jay Hakim Information Technology Senior Analyst Jay Hakim
You might be AVGeek if…you carve planes into pumpkins for Halloween. Flight Attendant Alexandra Deliopoulos with Family Los Angeles-based Flight Attendant Alexandra Deliopoulos
You might be an AVGeek if…you convince your husband and daughter to also become flight attendants at United. Gerry Laderman's with his Coach Seat Office Chair Finance, Procurement, Treasurer and Senior Vice President Gerry Laderman
You might be an AVGeek if…the chairs in your office are coach seats. United First Officer Brian Kelly with his Family Newark-based Boeing 767/757 First Officer Brian Kelly
You might be an AVGeek if…your backyard backs up to a small airport in Florida, and you build planes with your father, a retired United pilot. Terry Werber with her son

Managed Care and On-site Clinics Program Manager Terry Werber

You might be an AVGeek if…your son is born at 7:47 and you make his middle name Boeing.

Anthony Toth in a 747 cabin mock-up

Western Sales Managing Director Anthony Toth

You might be an AVGeek if…you have a 747 cabin mock-up in your house.

Wendy Monzo with Airline Memorabilia

Chicago-based Supervisor Wendy Monzo

You might be an AVGeek if…you have collected flight attendant wings and other airline memorabilia for years.

Oscar Munoz on United pushback

Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz

You might be an AVGeek if…you call shotgun on the pushback to send Team USA to the Olympics.

Flight Attendant Tiffany Schumacher at United

Chicago-based Flight Attendant Tiffany Schumacher

You might be an AVGeek if…you've worked as a mechanic (restoring military helicopters), a pilot (flying helicopters in airshows) and as a flight attendant (currently with United).

Gus Garin loves Inaugural Flights

Newark-based Zone Control Supervisor Gus Guarin

You might be an AVGeek if…you make a point to fly on inaugural flights and have been on 26 of them.

Product Engineer Sachin Subramanian in South Korea

Product Engineer Sachin Subramanian

You might be an AVGeek if…you refer to cities by their airport code. Here's Sachin in ICN, also known as Seoul, South Korea.

First Officers at United fly to Wedding Reception

Houston-based Boeing 737 First Officer Courtney Tatum and Washington, D.C.-based Boeing 767/757 First Officer Mark Tatum

You might be an AVGeek if…you literally fly from your wedding ceremony to your wedding reception, which took place outside of an aircraft hangar.