A customer and his family were traveling Newark to Beijing with his family to celebrate a holiday, but soon realized he forgot one of his bags at home until after checking in. He told his wife and children to proceed while he waited for a friend to bring him the bag, but, thanks to traffic, its arrival took longer than expected.

"Heartbroken, I told my wife that there was no way I would make the flight, which caused her to cry, since we've been married for 18 years and have never been separated as a family for this important holiday," the customer wrote. "She persisted further -- 'How will I manage with all the children by myself? The luggage? Being in a foreign country?'

"But then something extraordinary happened as she put down the phone."

As he's done throughout his career at United, Boeing 777 Captain Eric Perle was walking through the cabin, greeting each customer before takeoff.

"Eric saw my wife with a frantic look on her face and asked if there was something he could help with," the customer wrote. "She explained she and the children were on the plane but I was stuck at a checkpoint. He calmed her down and said that he would locate me."

Eric did exactly that, which allowed for the family's vacation to go on as planned.

"As far as Eric was concerned I was just a passenger on his flight and that's all that mattered," the customer wrote. "He took responsibility for me. I am in awe of his actions and the manner in which he did this.

"I respect United 100 times more because of Eric Perle. In my opinion he is everything United stands for, plus so much more."